10/06/2012 – Chipotle Cultivate Festival @ City Park – Denver

On Saturday October 6th, Chipotle Mexican Grill held its Cultivate Denver Festival in the east side of City Park between the museum and Ferril Lake. Cultivate was a FREE festival open to ALL ages! No tickets, no tokens, just a giant gathering of people who love food and music! Tons of activities for the kids, a great lineup with great live music for all, hot, steamy, food and snacks galore, the cold weather wasn't stopping anyone! The atmosphere was so inspiring, you can definitely tell that Chipotle really cares about the community and giving back not just free stuff, but knowledge as well. Artisans and breweries gathered together in the Brewery Hut and Artisan's tent to showcase their prized products! If you couldn't find something fun to take part of at Cultivate Denver, then you might have just not been in the mood to! If Chipotle throws another festival, you can be sure it should be something for you to put on the must attend list!