09/13/2012 – H&M Grand Opening @ Cherry Creek Mall – Denver

On September 13th 2012, H&M had a grand opening for their new store located in Cherry Creek Mall, Denver. 303 Magazine was happy to be apart of the whole event, as well as the people waiting in line to get in and shop since the early morning of that day! H&M provided a complimentary breakfast from a local caterer, as well as tasty mimosas to drink while shopping. 303 Magazine held a contest for customers to be able to enjoy the complimentary breakfast and also be the first to shop with an advantage of having %25 off their purchase! As the store was scheduled to open for the public at 12:00pm, H&M's sales associates and other employees got the customers excited to shop and handed out gift bags and gift cards to people waiting in line, as well as dancing around out side the store to get people hyped on this exciting event! Find your self and images of the latest H&M clothing in this gallery.