09/08/2014 – Carnivores Tour featuring Linkin Park, 30 Seconds to Mars and AFI @ Fiddlers Green – Englewood

The Carnivores Tour packed a thunderous uppercut to the jaw and rocked the stadium at Fiddlers, as the looming thunder wasn’t the only thing shaking the grounds. This special tour was a nod to the fans, as they were asked who they would love to see perform with LP on tour and the result was the incredible energy and on stage presence by 30STM and AFI. Academy Award Winner Jared Leto scaled across the 19th row of the crowd to the delight of the devoted fans. LP rocked to the tunes of new and old from hits off of Hybrid Theory, Jay-Z mash ups, Re-Animation remixes by Hahn, and material from The Hunting Party. See the electric photos inside. Photography by Brent Andeck