08/03/2012 – Ajapai and LoadStar @ Beta Nightclub – Denver

Not surprising, that Beta nightclub's Bassic Fridays supplied yet another intense and electrified night of EDM and dancing! The dance floor was packed all night! Guests in the VIP tables scored a little personal space while the die hard fans jammed and grooved together out on the floor. LoadStar and Ajapai definitely worked hard for Denver tonight! If you haven't heard of them, all you have to do is check their websites for credentials. Ajapai has been touring the world all summer! If you missed him tonight, you'll have to travel all the way to Vancouver to see him tomorrow! Forever Fridays was great, their change to Bassic Fridays has been amazing, who knows what Beta has in store for the future! Never leave Beta nightclub out of your list of options for a night out!