07/31/2012 – Scream It Like You Mean It Tour (Red) @ Boulder Theater

Screamo fans from all over Colorado gathered for night one of the Scream It Like You Mean It Tour (Red) in Boulder last night. With doors opening at 3:30pm and 8 bands playing this was definitely the show to be at on a Tuesday night. Bands like We Came As Romans,
Woe, Is Me, Abandon All Ships, Texas In July, In Fear and Faith, Secrets, Glass Cloud, At The Skylines took the stage for this 6 hour concert. Fans were moshing, crowd surfing, and a few times the “wall of death” occurred. Some fans had been dissapointed in the beginning of the night because Ohio band Attack Attack! would not be playing due to bus problems, but at the end of the night fans were pleased and walked out sweating from the show. Check out our gallery and see if you can find yourself!