07/14/2012 – Colorado Irish Festival @ Clement Park Littleton Colorado Day 2

The weather acceded for a fine time in the park at Colorado's eighteenth annual Irish Festival in Clement Park. Three stages fit with a steady rotation of traditional Irish music provided the soundtrack for the day's events, while vendors of all types of Irish paraphernalia and art work padded the rest of the space looking to make a sale. Bagpipers littered the festival grounds showing off their skills and lending a teaching hand to some who were willing to learn. It was always tough to get a seat at the Jamison Irish Whiskey tasting sessions, so many cooled off a bit by snacking on a snow cone. Those were hungry may have chosen to take advantage of the bangers truck to tide them over. It was a great day for an Irish Festival in Colorado, if you were there, you may be in a picture! Take a look.