06/08/2012 – GLOBAL Fridays Feat. FREDDIE J and DYFECTIVE @ Church Nightclub – Denver

GLOBAL Fridays at the Church brought the heat with headliners DYFECTIVE and FREDDIE J on June 8th 2012! After the DJ Competition, The duo slammed the venue with aggressive beats and mixes sent from the heavens! Without a dull moment, everyone from ravers to breakdancers was killin' it on the dance floor! Epic lighting and the eerie Church venue complimented trance, dubstep, vocal mixes all throughout the night. Every drop was accompanied by roars of cheers and applause. Laser lights and spotlights helped reveal talented gogo dancers and lady attendees in showing off their love for the music! FREDDIE J and DYFECTIVE come from Boulder Colorado, but they are ready and on his way to a much much bigger audience! Don't miss the next show!