06/13/2018 – Dr. Dog @ The Ogden Theater – Denver, CO

Dr. Dog’s energy on stage was unmatched and caught the crowd at the Ogden Theatre last night on fire. I’ll admit the first time I ever heard Dr. Dog’s music, I didn’t really like it. Same with the second time. But by the third or fourth time I became obsessed. Since 2011, Dr. Dog has probably been played at least once a week on my Spotify. Their classic rock mixed folk sound is unlike most out there and their music genuinely makes you just feel good. Their music is like an old friend that no matter how many times I listen to it, you never get sick of it. But to truly know Dr. Dog, you have to see them live. Their stage presence, sound and energy turn those favorite songs of yours — that you usually sing to in the shower — into a whole different thing. They become a shared experience of happiness and excitement. Everything about last nights show had me dancing like crazy and bursting at the seams with good vibes. Photography by Meg O’Neill ( @letgomymego ).