03/20/2013 – Denver Auto Show @ Colorado Convention Center – Denver

Don't own a Ferrari, Maserati, or Bentley? What's the best way to get up close and personal with one you ask? The Denver Auto Show of course! 303 takes you into the show first hand in some of the most expensive, exotic, and luxurious vehicles on the face of this Earth. So buckle your seat belts and take a ride with us as we tour the latest and greatest from Jeep to BMW to Aston Martin. You'll also feel what it's like to be off-loading inside the latest Jeep offers in its Camp Jeep indoor driving course. Over 500 vehicles are on display in the show with the latest technologies, concept cars, custom styling, and accessories. It's the show's 111th year anniversary and does not fail to impress every type of auto-enthusiast out there. Photography: Brent Andeck