02/14/17 – Sting @ Fillmore – Denver, CO

A sold out, capacity crowd at the Fillmore Auditorium was serenaded and rocked on Valentines Day. The evening began with a solo acoustic tribute by Sting where he reminisced about his first show in Denver (in 1972) before introducing the crowd to his son Joe Sumner. An almost perfect clone of his dad in both looks and talent Joe had the crowd feeling his unique energy. Agua Caliente brought a festive vibe from south of the border that got everyone dancing. Sting arrived on stage to an explosion of cheers from the crowd that set the tone for his entire set. Accompanied on stage with his band were special backup vocals by the members of Aqua Caliente and his son Joe which made the whole show feel like one connected act playing out to a grand finale.
Photography by Kenneth Coles