01/24/2014 – Zoso w/ Bullethead @ The Bluebird Theatre – Denver

An evening with Zoso, the premier Led Zeppelin Tribute band; accompanied by Bullethead, a most entertaining Van Halen (circa David Lee Roth) Tribute band. The house was rocked to their knees while riding the wave of tight pants and hairspray. Bullethead's antics included cheesy wigs, a bottle of whiskey, a fake plate of “white powder” on stage and a lifetime supply of pelvic thrusting. Watching Zoso was like seeing “The Song Remains the Same” live. Plant's slithery moves, Page's mystical guitar riffs, the steady rhythm of Jones and the thud that only Bonham could bring. The energy was high and it was like being launched back a few decades. Check out the gallery to find yourself and your friends! Photographed by: Rhonda DePalma