01/04/2017 – Reel Big Fish/Anti-Flag @ Ogden Theatre – Denver, CO

“Our album is 20 years old, their album is 20 years old. So when Reel Big Fish calls you and asks if you still remember how to play that 1 ska song of yours and if you want to go on tour with them you say… YES!” Chris Number2. A mix of anarchist punk and bouncing ska this show was a blast of nostalgia for the old school Punks of Denver. Direct Hit and Ballyhoo set the stage and the mood for the show. Anti-Flag kicked it into high gear with “Die For Your Government” and ending their set by playing in the heart of the mosh pit. Reel Big Fish followed it up with their usual comedic/ devil may care style. It was a punk show for those true punks.
Photos by: Kenneth Coles