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Stage Advice: Freak Train

Now in its tenth straight year, Freak Train is Denver's single longest running variety show. On the last Monday of every month, both amateurs and seasoned pros take the stage to the delight of a Bug Theatre packed with entertainment bargain-conscious spectators. It's sort of like an open mic night flavored with born performers. Rookies get to lose their virginity in front of a full house, while experts get to plug revenue-generating productions they're involved with. Hostess GerRee Hinshaw never disappoints, with spot-on, off-the-cuff humor and a melodic recap sing-along at night's end. Plus, free brew's included in the already measly cover charge. Where else does five bucks buy you all-you-can-drink booze, let alone a smorgasbord of so-bad-they're-good and honestly quality acts?...
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Cannabytes: Cypress Hill

Although I've witnessed more than one 4/20 rally since, the first time I'd ever seen anyone openly and defiantly smoke pot in public was at Lollapalooza. Members of Cypress Hill were the perpetrators of the civil disobedience in question. Fiddler's Green security guards looked the other way, probably because greenbacks put their bosses in the black. Simple as that. Mile High Music Festival staff will likely follow similar protocol (“potocol”?) this weekend when the hip hop outfit blazes into Dick's Sporting Goods Park....