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Miss BeFit: Tabata Training

Four minutes. There’s really nothing you can’t do for just four minutes. You can listen to Justin Bieber sing with Ludacris, or you can toast a bagel and pick a shmear, or you can read a couple pages of Snook...

Flip the Switch: Week 6

It's the little things in life that count, and trust me, nothing is more true than when you're trying to lose some weight and achieve physical fitness. I love the shows The Biggest Loser, Heavy and I Used t...
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Cannabytes: Higher Learning at a Mile High

Have you heard of Greenway University? The first of its kind here in Colorado, Greenway is a state-approved higher-learning institution centered on the study of medical marijuana, from law to business to cultivation.
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Fashion Fridays – A Fundraising Fete

Being charitable is always in style and no one knows that better than Denver's own Mondo Guerra. The memorable and playful designer of Project Runway season 8 fame, will join Goodwill Industries of Denver for a...
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Stage Door: The Diviners

Set in Indiana during the Great Depression, The Diviners focuses on C.C. Showers, a man determined to forget his past as a preacher.  However, he meets Buddy Layman, a young boy with an innocent if slow mind, a...

Flip the Switch: Week 5

By now you know I'm working out with personal trainer Jess Hogue, owner of Shape Plus. He lays out a road map of what to do to reach my goals, I do it, and then, I notice how much slimmer my face is, how mu...
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Pregnant Practice: Prenatal Yoga

Despite its physical challenges, we all identify yoga practice as a means for relaxing and nurturing our bodies. And in the midst of the aches, sickness, and general discomfort of pregnancy, there may seem to b...
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Miss BeFit: Metabolic Training

In this day and age, we’ve all become used to wanting something, then seeing it delivered, and quickly. We’ve got movies being sent straight to our TVs, "friends" are acquired with the click of a button, and ...
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Souper Bowl Match-Up

The Souper Bowl.... it’s not just about the football, is it? It’s about the food… at least for me anyway. I go to Super Bowl parties to be with friends, eat, drink some, listen to the cheers, eat, enjoy rowdy conversation, eat, and to vote for the best commercials. On occasion, I may catch a play or two. But, frankly, I usually end up missing 95% of the game.
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Musical Ambush: Famous Singing Telegrams

The naughty nurse who mistakenly consoles Ferris Bueller's sister—instead of Bueller himself—is easily the most well known singing telegram messenger portrayal in modern cinema. Even though my sister and I wa...
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Cannabytes: MMJ Patient Interview

This week I interviewed a medical marijuana user from Loveland. At 53, she leads an active lifestyle, is fit, and works out frequently. She suffers from back pain due to scoliosis and has been using marijuana for almost five months to ease her pain.