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Connie Chronnoisseur: Kindness

I really wasn’t sure what to expect. I believe what I found can best be summed up this way: remember the awe on Dorothy Gale’s face when, after coming from her black-and-white world full of tornadoes and nasty Miss Gulch, she is welcomed into a colorful, sensual place, filled with sights, sounds and, yes, smells that titillate her senses and make her eyes grow wide in wonder? Well, welcome to Kindness, the Oz of Colfax.
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Miss BeFit: Meditation

In the midst of a particularly stressful week, I was on the phone with Cole “The Machine” Anderson when he launched into some long-winded story about urban planning, or Urban Outfitters, something like that (...

Flip the Switch: Week 9

Building trust in yourself is a lifelong endeavor and applies to every single thing. Last year, I was out of control. I wasn't on some drug/booze bender. It wasn't like I was eating 10,000 calories per day ...
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Cannabytes: An Open Letter to Stoners

Dear stoners around the country, We need to talk. Let me start by saying that, personally, I love you guys. You're a hilarious bunch in so many ways, and never have I met an unfriendly stoner. It's a family un...
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The Reel Deal: The Oscars

GIVE HIM TO THE GEEK Hosting the Oscars is a tough gig, even for industry veterans like Billy Crystal, Jon Stewart, and Steve Martin. So tough, that Whoopi Goldberg, who emceed the event on four different oc...
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Miss BeFit: The Joy of Running

I won’t lie to you. Probably the only good thing to me about running pre-2010 was carbs. Back in high school on the track team I would think about Spaghetti-Os while I lugged my body around the track trying t...

Flip the Switch: Week 8

I feel like friends and family are your greatest mirrors. If you're being a jerk, you can see it in their faces. If you're sad, you see that, too. Last year, in particular, my friends and family mirrored a lot ...
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Connie Chronnoisseur: The Clinic

...I made my way down Colfax, the familiar, pungent smells of Denver's favorite tract of hobos, hipsters and hookah bars wafting faintly on the breeze. I was out of medicine and, not wanting to drive far, was willing to succumb to the outdated cliché of a Colfax score...
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Cannabytes: Should patients be blood tested to drive?

Yet another bill has been introduced into the Colorado State House of Representatives which primarily affects medical marijuana users. The bill creates a DUI-type law that applies to pot. While there are currently laws in place to prohibit driving while impaired by marijuana, those laws do not have a minimum limit.

Flip the Switch: Week 7

I've lost twenty pounds since Jan. 1. It's absolutely incredible and it wasn't an accident. It's the direct result of making a plan and sticking to it. Twenty pounds. Wow. It proves that this whole process ...
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Miss BeFit’s Five Favorite Yoga Poses

The best thing, for me, about working out and staying in shape is realizing exactly how much my body is capable of. It's that adrenaline rush that comes from pushing your body past what you know you can do an...