Seven Best Treats at Colorado’s First Buc-ee’s

Walking into the Johnstown, Colorado Buc-ee’s for the first time is a treat for the senses. The 74,000-square-foot gas station has over 100 fuel pumps and plenty of products inside the building from food and drinks to clothing and decor.

The smells of brisket, fudge and – somehow just as pleasing – clean bathrooms (which is what Buc-ee’s is known for) can be overwhelming. But take a look at the fridges filled with bottled drinks, a bright wall of jerky, circular meat and sweet stations – and a fountain of Buc-ee’s signature soda. Once you hear the chants of the brisket-makers, surrounded by freshly made sandwiches saying, “Fresh brisket on the board!” you become enveloped by Buc-ee’s hospitality.

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303 Magazine talked with superfan @bucees_johnstown_co_fans on Instagram to compile a list of the seven best snacks to grab from Colorado’s first Buc-ee’s. 

Brisket Sandwich

Brisket sandwich from Buc-ee's
Photo courtesy of Buc-ee’s on Instagram

The Lowdown: It can be chopped or sliced. Either way, it’s delicious. “You cannot go wrong with this choice,” said our superfan on the brisket sandwich ($6.99). “It is rather filling and a classic.” It is made from 14-hour smoked brisket, pickles and onions, all together in a bun. You’ll be remiss not trying it for yourself, as we heard one employee say it’s its best hot sandwich.

Beaver Nuggets

Beaver Nuggets from Buc-ee's
Photo courtesy of Buc-ee’s on its website

The Lowdown: “If you want a unique crunch to cure a sweet tooth,” these are for you, said the superfan. Although be warned, as they said “a few are satisfying, but also the whole bag can be satisfying, so be careful.” These puffed corns are coated in caramel and also comes in a variety of flavors from Sea Salted Caramel, Cinnamon Sweet ($3.99-$4.99) and more.

Texas Cheesesteak Burrito

Texas Cheesesteak Burrito from Buc-ee's
Photo courtesy of @glennshares on Instagram

The Lowdown: Incase the brisket line is piling up, @bucees_johnstown_co_fans recommends trying the Texas Cheesesteak Burrito ($10). “An unsung hero for an empty stomach,” they said. Similar to a Philly cheesesteak, the filling includes beef, peppers, onions, pepper jack cheese and a spicy but flavorful jalapeño mayo – all wrapped up in a flour tortilla.

Glazed Nuts

Glazed pecans and almonds from Buc-ee's
Photo courtesy of @bubleeone on Instagram

The Lowdown: When walking past the sweet station, the waft of the glazed nuts ($4.49 for a small bag) drew us in. Out of the selection, we chose the pecans, which have a mixture of sugary sweetness with a hint of cinnamon and salt. As the superfan said, “They taste as good as they smell.”


Jalapeno, sausage and cheese kolache from Buc-ee's
Photo courtesy of Buc-ee’s on Instagram

The Lowdown: Originating in Czechia, the kolache (featured here in a Texan twist of spicy jalapeño, sausage and cheese) made its way to Buc-ee’s. We’re happy it did, as every flavor we tried was tasty. Inside the fluffy dough, the kolaches ($1.99-$3.19) are filled with cheese and a choice of sausage or fruit. If you’re looking for something sweet, we recommend the fruit and cream cheese version.

Lemon Bars

Lemon bars from Buc-ee's
Photo courtesy of @bucees_johnstown_co_fans on Instagram

The Lowdown: Sometimes the best dish is the one you wouldn’t go for. “Out of all the sweets you can pick from, I’m glad my toddler picked it out,” said @bucees_johnstown_co_fans. Mixing a dense crust, lemon filling and a coating of powdered sugar, the lemon bars ($2.99) are “a match made perfectly.”


Wall of jerky at Buc-ee's
Photo courtesy of Buc-ee’s on Instagram

The Lowdown: Staring at a wall of jerky can be intimidating – but it can also be a lot of fun. Choosing between classic flavors like Sweet and Spicy and Cherry Maple, or Bohemian Garlic and Korean BBQ ($8.99 for 4OZ bag) can be a great way to test your decisiveness. Whether you’re looking for spicy, savory, sweet or tame, try out your favorite at the specialty counter next to the bakery.

Did we miss your favorite food from Buc-ee’s? Let us know in the comments!

Buc-ee’s is located at 5201 Nugget Road, Johnstown and is open 24 hours daily.

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