Trend Alert: Coastal Cowgirl

As spring and summer usher in waves of easy-breezy styles, fashion enthusiasts thrive in the magic and glow of pastels, florals, flowing skirts, tanks, and flip-flops. Yet, amidst this sea of trends, some yearn for something that seamlessly blends the rustic charm of the countryside with the laid-back vibes of the coast – enter the Coastal Cowgirl.

This emerging trend captures the essence of fun under the sun, blending beachwear vibes with the spirit of a badass cowgirl.

From film photographs to sunshine, horses, seashells, and palm trees, the Coastal Cowgirl aesthetic goes beyond just fashion; it represents a lifestyle filled with carefree times and good vibes, transitioning seamlessly from countryside to sand.

Photo Courtesy of Pinterest

In her wardrobe, you’ll discover a variety of staples – denim, reds, straw hats, and cowboy boots. This combination of elements includes denim shorts paired with crochet crop tops or white tanks with a hint of writing, flowy sundresses accessorized with cowboy boots, and statement jewelry inspired by seashells and turquoise.

This trend has gained significant attention on TikTok with influencers guiding their audiences to achieve the Coastal Cowgirl look effortlessly. Recommendations include incorporating chunky jewelry and makeup looks, emphasizing faux freckles, colorful blushes, and a radiant, carefree glow.

Online boutiques like SHEISGRACIELOU offer a range of cowgirl-themed pieces, including tanks, hoodies, bikinis, and undergarments, catering to women and men and adding a modern twist to the Coastal Cowgirl lifestyle.

Stores like Free People, PacSun, and Anthropologie located in Denver’s Cherry Creek area, perfectly capture this trend with their boho-chic looks, boots, shades, graphic tees, and flowy shirts.

These stores offer an array of pieces that resonate with the Coastal Cowgirl vibe, providing shoppers with many options to embrace this unique style in the upcoming months.

Coastal Cowgirl fashion isn’t just about following trends — it’s about storytelling. Each outfit tells a tale of sun-soaked adventures, breezy seasides, and nature’s untamed beauty and unpredictability.

It’s about making mistakes and laughing at them, being true to yourself, and enjoying life and the world around you.

Photo Courtesy of Pinterest

It represents the goal and the dream – having fun, laughing at the little things, smiling, and just enjoying being in the moment. We could all learn from and aspire to embody the spirit of the Coastal Cowgirl because life is too short to worry about the small things.

So why not dress like the Coastal Cowgirl and embrace the carefree spirit of coastal living? After all, life’s a beach – dress like it!

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