Transform Your Wardrobe into Wearable Art with Marginalization

MARGINAL, Denver’s beloved avant-garde designer Matilda Marginal, recently expanded the brand to offer custom alterations, or “Marginalization.” As the company has been upcycling all sorts of items — damaged jackets, trousers, skirts, bed sheets, mattresses — they now offer the option to upcycle your clothing. 

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“Upcycling enables each item of clothing to become an art piece with its own personality and story,” Marginal said. 

Marginalization revolves around saving pieces you love, but neglect, and turning them into an item you’ll cherish forever.

“It’s a creative alteration,” Marginal said. “Our customers bring us garments that need a revival – whether it’s fixing, resizing, or a style upgrade.”

Marginalization also encourages customers to become more sustainable with their clothing choices. While you get a one of a kind piece of clothing, it also helps fight fast fashion.

This way you are making an input to saving our planet from pollution and not participating in corporations profit making who pollute this planet mass producing unbelievable amounts of quick fashion and without caring how to dispose of the leftovers,” Marginal said.

The process of altering these items was a fun challenge for the seasoned designer. It challenged her to work with new materials and different styles like creating a custom wedding dress or updating an everyday t-shirt. It also allows the company to become more diverse to fit everyone’s needs. 

Potential altered items can be any clothing piece or even an item. 

“You have a vase — we can crush it and make earrings. Or an art piece! Or sculpture. Or a new vase! We refuse the limits,” stated Marginal. 

The consultation process is quite simple.

It starts with the customer approaching MARGINAL with an item of clothing they want altered — meeting either at the MARGINAL store or online.

If a customer has a vision in mind, they’ll work with Marginal through a series of sketches and decide on a final product.

If they don’t know what they want the piece to look like, MARGINAL will make recommendations and share a variety of ideas that encompass a variety of styles and tastes — so the customer is sure to find a design they love. 

After a sketch is agreed on, MARGINAL gets to work.

A typical piece will be completed in a week, though this varies depending on how elaborate the design is.

When the garment is ready, Marginal will send photos. Any final changes and last-minute touch ups will be added before the garment is picked up or shipped to the customer. 

To get your pieces Marginalized, email MARGINAL at, call at (720) 434-0545, or message them on Instagram.

All photos courtesy of MARGINAL

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