This Week In Concerts: Danny Brown, Bad Bunny, The Floozies, Chelsea Wolfe and More

Bad Bunny

It’s a wild week of shows here in Denver—the full list is below, but keep on readin’ for some of the highlights!

There’s a Hot Guy Alert out for Friday 3/22, as the Floozies are taking over the Mission Ballroom for a special event known to us only as 2 Mission 2 Trip.  They’ve got heavy-hitting support from Late Night Radio, Haywyre, MZG and Father Funk—this is bound to be a non-stop party from the very first note.

Legendary Latin Trap king Bad Bunny will be tearing up Ball Arena on 3/20 for his Most Wanted Tour—frankly, that’s all the information anyone should need to get out there and get down on a Wednesday! This show will be nothing but a rager for sure.

Chelsea Wolfe will bring her wild blend of genres and artistry to the Gothic Theatre on 3/22, with Divide & Dissolve coming along to get things rolling right. Chelsea is on tour in support of her new album, She Reaches Out To She, which was released earlier this month. Get out to the Gothic to witness some of these amazing new tunes.

All the rest of this week’s fantastic shows are below. As always, stay in the know about Denver’s music scene with us here at 303 Magazine!

1134 Broadway

3/22—Kevin Saunderson


Ball Arena

3/20—Bad Bunny

The Black Box

3/22—DirtySnatcha with Point.Blank, and Haymes Tarmino

3/23—The Prologue with um.., Jabbs B2B Hooligan, Huck.Jorris, Adame and Fervor B2B Inspectah

The Black Box Lounge

3/21—Misterperson with Budge, Arcursid and Whizkerz

3/22—Solid B2B Rumblejunkie with Nervouz Syztem B2B Adam Hester and DJ S2PS

3/23—Klippee with Ghast and Sin7

The Black Buzzard at Oskar Blues

3/22—Vatican Vamps with Knuckle Pups and Wildcat

3/23—”Bring The Noise” Beat Battle IV

The Bluebird Theater

3/20—Tiny Habits with Beane

3/22—The Moss with Michael Marcagi

3/23—The Moss with Michael Marcagi

Cervantes’ Masterpiece Ballroom

3/21—Lee Fields with Monophonics and Kendra Morris

3/22—Hamdi with Drone, MPH, Chef Boyarbeatz and Say Grace

3/23—Thought Process with Alejo, Pheel., Freq and Osis

3/24—Danny Brown with Hook and Bruiser Wolf

Danny Brown

Cervantes’ Other Side

3/21—Rainbow Girls with Brianna Straut, Spinster and Kaitlyn Williams

3/22—BALTHVS with The Copper Children and The Desert Furs

3/23—LaMP with Tyler Adams Organ Trio

3/24—Hannah Diamond with Ravenna Golden

The Church


Club Vinyl

3/22—DnBass Ops: AMC



3/20—Hazel Miller Trio

3/21—Forever Is Now

3/21—Piano Lounge: Rob Mullins

3/22—Tatiana LadyMay Mayfield

3/22—Matt Skellenger + Matt Reid Duo

3/22—Piano Lounge: Rocco LC Williams

3/23—Brionne Aigné and the KYN

3/23—Milquetoast & Co.

3/23—Piano Lounge: Roma Ransom

3/24—Myra Warren

3/25—FJO: Krall & Cole “Better Than Anything”

Globe Hall

3/20—Jonah Kagen with Brooke Iverson

3/21—Atlas Radio with River Mann and JELLÏ

3/22—Wood Belly with Clay Rose Band and Before The Sun

3/23—Red40 with Purple Sweat and Dabylon

3/24—San Fermin with Rachael Jenkins

Goosetown Tavern

3/21—Hailes Ghost with Stray The Course and To Be Astronauts

3/22—My Blue Heart with The Patient Zeros, Sweatstreak and Rocky Burning

The Gothic Theatre

3/22—Chelsea Wolfe with Divide & Dissolve

3/25—Health with Pixel Grip and King Yosef

Chelsea Wolfe

The Grizzly Rose

3/22—Aaron Goodvin


3/20—Hump Day Funk Jam

3/21—Dave Randon Trio

3/22—Mile High Groove

3/23—Mile High Groove

3/24—Venus Cruz

3/25—Monday Night Jazz

Herman’s Hideaway

3/20—LITZ with People In Between

3/20—Spunj with Slidewok and Riding Carpets

3/20—The Irie with Aaron Wolf and Beta Ray

3/20—Wendy Clark Band with Wendy Woo Band and Lauren Michaels Band


3/20—Les Lullies with Spoon Benders, Total Cult and Thee Retcons

3/22—’68 with The Callous Daoboys and The Homeless Gospel Choir

3/23—Kadabra with Lost Relics and Shepherd

3/24—Los Alcos with 2MX2

Knew Conscious

3/22—Since JulEye with Cofresi

3/23—Treehouse Collective with Lisa Spinnelli

Larimer Lounge

3/20—TORRES with Liza Anne

3/21—Lyzyrd Lyk with JuulZ, KYL, Spundcampz, Beezwax and Plague Flora

3/22—Open House: LaFace, That’s Enough and ROOP

3/22—Treehouse DJ Set: DEVOTION

3/23—Vegas Valley Drive with Lights In The Sky and Day Traitor

3/23—Open House: DOT with STRM, Kandy Shop and Murra

3/23—Treehouse DJ Set: EVCO

3/24—Seth Beamer with Deva Yoder Band, The Constant Tourists and Cami Maree

Lost Lake

3/20—Ethan Tasch with Jobi Riccio and Samantha McKaige

3/21—Night Cap with Savanna Leigh

3/22—Cashmere Sweater with Casey Russell

3/23—Relate. with Calmgrove, Troubled Minds, Post/War and Pie Lombardi

3/24—Moon Prince with King Crawdad, In The Teeth and Silver West

K. Flay

Marquis Theater

3/20—K. Flay

3/21—Sir Chloe

3/22—Darkest Hour

3/23—Charlotte Sands

3/24—Adelitas Way with Classless Act

Meow Wolf

3/21—Autoheart with Pigeon Pit and Raegan

3/22—Devandra Banhart with Kate Bollinger

Mission Ballroom

3/22—The Floozies with Late Night Radio, Haywyre, MZG and Father Funk

3/23—Kayzo with Gentlemen’s Club, Versa B2B VKTM, Sweettooth B2B Sora and Slang Dogs

The Floozies


3/20—Daryl Gott Quartet

3/21—The David Mesquitic Trio

3/22—Jeremy Wendelin Quintet

3/23—The Jack Dunlevie Double Keyboard Quintet

3/24—Paul Musso Quartet

Number Thirty Eight

3/22—Ninety % 90’s

3/22—$ocially $pent

The Ogden Theatre

3/23—JP Saxe with Justin Nozuka and Abigail Osborn

Ophelia’s Electric Soapbox

3/21—Perpetual Groove

3/22—Perpetual Groove

3/23—The Delta Sonics

3/23—Nershi Hann Trio

3/24—Shawn Eckels

Orchid Denver

3/21—Kowan and Company


The Oriental Theater


3/22—Under Auburn Skies


3/24—Master & Margarita

Roxy Broadway

3/22—Atomic Jones

3/22—The Opalites with Last Reel Hero, DJ Tara Two-Tone and DJ Monkey Man

3/23—Haley Harkin

3/23—Unicorn Hits with Virgil Vigil and Gartener

Roxy Theatre


3/22—Divine Torture

3/23—Emo VS Pop Punk

Seventh Circle Music Collective

3/21—michael cera palin with lobsterfight, water on the thirsty ground and cherry spit

3/22—Robot Tennis Club with Anita Velveeta, Creek and Birdhouse View

3/23—Gather Way with Slug City, Mirkwook and My Hands Your Heart

Skylark Lounge

3/20—Kiss The Tiger with Standing Start and Spinning Jenny

3/21—The McCharmlys with Vampire Squids From Hell

3/22—Casual Friday DJ Set

3/22—Reposer with The Picture Tour, Blameshells and The Mesa Divide

3/23—Legs, The Band with Ash Redhorse & The Midnight Suns

3/25—Chew with Moon Pussy and Church Fire



3/23—Club 90’s

3/25—A Killer’s Confession


3/20—DJ Orma



Your Mom’s House

3/20—Dirty Pop Party

3/21—Chris Luno with Dj Poolboi and Sunflwr

3/22—Dancefestopia: Yellow Brick Road Tour

3/23—Woodlands 360 Disco Night

3/24—Idontknowjeffery And Black Smurf

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