This Week In Concerts: DJ Pauly D, Amtrac, Plain White T’s, Dogs In A Pile and More

This week in concerts, love is in the air in the Denver Metro and accompanying that love is all the amazing music we’ve got on deck. After a romantic Wednesday evening, you gotta get out and catch some of these shows.

Rising jam band stars Dogs In A Pile are playing a two-night run at the Bluebird Theater on 2/16 and 2/17, and they’ve brought along their friends in Squeaky Feet to get the party started each night. Make sure to get out and catch these amazing players!

Everyone’s favorite representative of the GTL lifestyle DJ Pauly D will be laying down some heat for the dance floor at Temple on 2/17. You definitely don’t wanna miss this one!

Relive the good ol’ days of alternative music with the Plain White T’s taking Summit by storm on 2/17. Make sure you bust out those band t-shirts and torn-up jeans, as this show is guaranteed to bring killer throwbacks and some of Plain White T’s new tunes, too.

The rest of this week’s shows are below. Stay in the know about Denver’s music scene with us here at 303 Magazine!

1134 Broadway


2/17—Gab Rhome

Enrique Iglesias

Ball Arena

2/13—Enrique Iglesias with Pitbull and Ricky Martin

The Black Box

2/13—Pola & Bryson with Ollie Mumbles, Ghast, Waylo and Dopel

2/13—SRO with .REC and Moovy

2/13—ZOA with Silvr Siren, Edamami and Outset

2/13—Notixx with Priore and Substance D

The Black Box Lounge

2/13—DNA Proxi with Fizz Widget,  Furtha and Mad-Lab

2/13—Undehfined with DropTalk, Dalfin and Electrya

2/13—Spenny with Noetika, twopercent and Alias Teel

The Black Buzzard at Oskar Blues

2/16—Sam Jay

2/17—Musketeer Gripweed with Graham Good & the Painters

Dogs In A Pile

The Bluebird Theater

2/14—Evan Honer with Julia Digrazia

2/15—Trousdale with Abbey Cone

2/16—Dogs in a Pile with Squeaky Feet

2/17—Dogs in a Pile with Squeaky Feet

2/18—Grieves with Mouse Powel, Marley B and DJ Hoppa

Squeaky Feet

Cervantes’ Masterpiece Ballroom

2/13—Eric Bellinger with Zae France, Nahkeem and Jae Wes

2/14—Babytron with Certified Trapper

2/15—SHiFT ft. Moody Good with Rohaan, Bianca Oblivion and Wonkywilla

2/16—BoggDogg with Humandala, Easyjack and Xenolinguist

2/17—Drew Emmitt Band with Dan Andree Trio

Cervantes’ Other Side

2/13—Tkay Maidza with Death Wish

2/14—I Love R&B with Special Guests

2/16—Wassu with Discognition and Pinkowitz

2/17—Steely Dead with Bonfire Dub, Tunes 4 Barrett All-Stars and Dylan & Declan

The Church


2/16—Lee Foss

Club Vinyl

2/16—Bass Ops: SFAM + Special

2/17—Martin Ikin


2/13—Mardi Gras with No Hands Brass Band

2/14—The Legacy Group (2 Shows)

2/15—Gabe and Giz

2/15—Piano Lounge: Elliot Litz

2/16—BigPocket Tribute to Luther Vandross

2/16—Don Chicharrón

2/16—Piano Lounge: Freddy Rodriguez Jr.

2/17—Tierney Sutton & Tamir Hendelman (2 Shows)

2/17—Piano Lounge: Jeff Jenkins

2/18—Dave Hanson & Claude Sim

2/19—Dave Hanson: A Tribute to Al Hood

Globe Hall

2/13—TALK with Zinedelphia

2/14—TALK with Zinedelphia

2/15—Alfred & The Teddinators with Nub and Hula Hound

2/16—Never Ending Fall with Cherokee Social

2/17—Jeremie Albino with Benjamin Dakota Rogers

2/13—Thunderboobie with The Savage Blush, Dialup and Keddjra

Goosetown Tavern

2/16—The Time Release Formula with Baby Houseman and The Far Reaches

The Gothic Theatre

2/15—Tourist with Amtrac and Weir

2/16—Sarah Jarosz with The Ballroom Thieves

The Grizzly Rose

2/16—Cooper Alan


2/13—B3 Jazz Jam

2/14—Hump Day Funk Jam

2/15—Dave Randon Trio



2/18—Randy Ricks & The Rescue Dogs

2/19—Monday Night Jazz Jam

Herman’s Hideaway

2/15—Spud with Atlas Radio and Fiction

2/16—Rado with Coast To Ghost and Marafiki

2/18—Spitting Image with Blameshells, Soneffs and Circadian Melodies

Plain White T’s


2/14—Midwife with American Culture, Cherished and Water On The Thirst Ground

2/15—DJ Blake Britton

2/16—Rodney Rice with Shawn Hess, George Cessna and Jake Luna

2/19—Necropanther with Obscene Worship, Nightwraith and Teretanthropos

Knew Conscious


Larimer Lounge

2/15—Edapollo with Koresma

2/16—Treehouse Set: Derek Vanderhorst and Rene Moffatt

2/16—Lizzy Jane with Nealson and Sam Burt

2/16—Treehouse DJ Set: Groove District

2/17—Dealer Takes Four with Crisco Disco and Calvin Locklear

2/17—ZUEZEU with 9b49, SSORBEATS and Gaspy

2/17—Treehouse DJ Set: Ben Fase B2B Wessyde

2/18—DJ Sweetnuts with En Sueño, Logan Camin and Tyler James

Lost Lake

2/15—Man Cub with KEPIK, Xuinn and Voyajer

2/16—Cancerslug with Nihil and America’s Most Haunted

2/17—The Hails with Foxtide

2/17—Dogs in a Pile After Party with DJ BritBrit

2/18—The Swashbuckling Doctors with Anti Formula and The Worn Outs

The Lagoons

Marquis Theater


2/17—The Lagoons

Meow Wolf

2/15—Sugar Nova with Sexbruise? and Say What!?

2/16—Beltran with ChaseWest and Coat Check

2/17—Early Eyes with Trash Panda and Thank You, I’m Sorry

Mission Ballroom

2/17—Dirtwire with Moontricks, Gone Gone Beyond and Honeycomb


2/14—The Derek Banach Quintet

2/15—The Louisa Amend Quintet

2/16—The Gabriel Mervine Quintet

2/17—Daryl Gott Quartet

2/18—Coração Brazilian Quartet

Number Thirty Eight

2/15—Pedro Meyer

2/16—Lendon James

2/17— Ninety % 90’s

2/18—Nick Valdez

The Ogden Theatre

2/14—Extreme with Living Colour

2/16—Mighty Poplar with Caleb Klauder & Reeb Willms

2/17—kidsgonemad! with Yojas, Dryden and Vavn


Ophelia’s Electric Soapbox

2/16—The High Hawks with Pick & Howl

Orchid Denver

2/15—Crush Funk Jam

2/16—Boukou Groove

The Oriental Theater


2/16—The Surfrajettes

2/17—Paizley Park

Roxy Broadway


2/16—Red Sage

2/17—Katie Quick

2/17—Anthem And Aria

2/17—Stephen Lear Band with Native Space and Color Clinic

Roxy Theatre


DJ Pauly D

Seventh Circle Music Collective

2/13—Muddy Valentines with Flesh Appeal, Possum Creek, My Brother’s Bedroom and Wilder May

2/16—Realms of Death with Kill Order, Agony, Harbor and Ignorant Bliss

Skylark Lounge

2/15—Anterra with Elyse Therose and Satellite Friend

2/16—Fresh Fruit! with Silver Screen Fantasy and Nicki Walters

2/19—Yugs with Grace Devine, Jaguar Stevens, and Heather Hunt


2/16—2000’s Night

2/17—Plain White T’s


2/16—Space 92 with Cory Goldsmith

2/17—DJ Pauly D

Your Mom’s House

2/15—Picasso Gvng



2/18—Electric Empire

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