Q&A – An Inside Look at U.S. Snowboarder and X Games Athlete, Bea Kim’s Wardrobe

Are you needing some outfit inspiration for the slopes and wonder what the professionals wear? We asked Bea Kim, U.S. Ski and Snowboard Team member and X Games Athlete, about her winter sports wardrobe. 

The 17-year-old placed 4th in her first X-Games appearance last month where she was the youngest competitor in all of X Games 2024. Just a week earlier, Kim landed on her first World Cup podium, placing 2nd at the Laax Open in Switzerland. Young, hungry, and dressed for success, Kim let us in on her boarding wardrobe secrets. 

Photo courtesy of Bea Kim

303 Magazine: How did you get into snowboarding?

Bea Kim: “I always snowboarded a few times a year with my family just recreationally. I did a banked slalom competition in Mammoth one year and that made me realize how much I loved snowboarding.” 

303 Magazine: Tell me about the experience you had at the 2024 X-Games. 

Bea Kim: “The whole time I was there I sort of felt like I was in a dream. I grew up watching the event when I was little so it was surreal. It was so cool to watch Chloe [Kim] land the 1260 on her last run!”

303 Magazine: What brands did you wear to compete in the Winter 2024 X-Games? 

Bea Kim: “I wore my U.S. Team uniform made by Kappa. The jacket is baby blue and the pants are black. Before these uniforms, I had never seen outerwear made with that material. It isn’t as rigid as Gore-Tex, but not like a sweatshirt material either; it falls somewhere in the middle. I had never owned anything from Kappa before they sponsored the team, but I like how the clothes fit. They are baggy so I can move around and I like how many pockets there are.”  

Photo courtesy of Bea Kim

303 Magazine: Describe your favorite garment to train in.

Bea Kim: “I tend to run hot so I like to wear a lot of windbreakers. I thrifted a two toned blue windbreaker before the season started and I love it. I am able to stay cool enough and dry from the snow. I don’t actually know the brand so I couldn’t recommend it. Sorry!”

303 Magazine: How many ski/snowboard outfits do you have in your closet?  

Bea Kim: “I would estimate that I probably have five to six different outfits. Some are from brand deals and some are ones I have just bought on my own. I tend to wear the same pants and mix up the top jacket.”

303 Magazine: What brands did you wear training growing up and has that influenced your winter sports wardrobe today?

Bea Kim: “I used to wear a lot of Stüssy and The Hundreds windbreakers when I was younger and just loved how they looked. I don’t like to be weighed down so having something super light is crucial.

Photo courtesy of Bea Kim

303 Magazine: Do you typically wear bright or neutral colors to train/compete? Any reason why?

Bea Kim: “I like to wear a different color jacket than most people when training so my coaches and dad can see me easier when filming, but oftentimes, I am required to wear the U.S. Team uniform.” 

303 Magazine: Tell me about what you change into following the event.

Bea Kim: “After an event, I typically change into Adidas or Converse which are my go-to shoes. I have them in a bunch of different colors. I’ll usually throw on my favorite pair of thrifted jeans, a long sleeve shirt or sweater, and my big thrifted leather jacket. Maybe a crocheted beanie if I don’t feel like doing my hair- Haha!”

Photo courtesy of Bea Kim

303 Magazine: Tell me about your personal day-to-day style and how you do or do not let that shine through in your sports wardrobe. 

Bea Kim: “I wear a lot of thrifted clothes because I am able to find more unique pieces, and it is more sustainable. I try to be simple with a slight edge. I find a lot of inspiration on Pinterest. The only way I let my everyday style shine through is by including a fun jacket. I try to follow the matching belt/shoes rule by matching my white beanie to my white gloves.”

Photo courtesy of Bea Kim

303 Magazine: Do you have any lucky items that you wear or rituals that you do before competing? 

Bea Kim: “I have a little keychain with my initials on it that my childhood friend gave me. She has a matching one with her initials on it, so I like to keep it in my pocket when competing.” 

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