Dio Mio Temporarily Closes for Interior Renovation and Culinary Revamp

Dio Mio, a RiNo neighborhood favorite known for its signature handmade pasta, seasonal Italian dishes, classic cocktail & wine program and recently named a Michelin Guide Recommended restaurant, temporarily closed its doors earlier this month for an interior remodel and menu revamp.

Dio Mio first opened in 2016 from the minds of Chef Spencer White, Chef Alex Figura and Lulu Clair, and the original restaurant design came from REGULAR Architecture’s Kevin Nguyen. With Dio being their first restaurant – they were instrumental in the cosmetic construction of the initial space by putting up drywall and assembling tables – they knew that design would only get them so far for so long.

Before the pandemic hit, they had planned a remodel in 2020 or 2021, but unfortunately, the world had other plans, and they had to postpone the remodel until now. This remodel represents “a more mature version of Dio Mio that we are trying to bring to life and have people see through our eyes,” said Clair. The intention is to keep the traditional Italian comfort feeling but reflect the experimental nature of their cuisine in the new space by putting their own spin on it. 

With the physical space under a revamp, Clair explained that this was also a good time for chefs Spencer, Alex and Peter McTiernan to redevelop the menu by introducing a handful of shared plates, large format options and additional dessert options. “The new dishes will look like Dio Mio 2.0, but with the same heart and soul of what Dio Mio has always been,” Clair described. To complement the new menu changes, Dio will also be transforming how the counter-service system works and the bar program for new and old customers to look forward to. 

Although the Michelin Guide Recommendation came as a surprise to the team at Dio, they still remain adamant in their mission of “lowering the barrier to entry where [they] can, while also using the highest quality products possible” to ensure that everyone feels invited into their space and with the re-opening. “This is the version we want to introduce people to if it’s their first time,” continued Clair. 

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During the closure, diners can get a distant yet familiar fix at Dio’s sister restaurant, Redeemer Pizza, which offers whole pies, slices and hoagies for lunch and dinner.

Dio Mio has plans to re-open in mid-February. It is located at 3264 Larimer St, Denver. Check out its Instagram to keep up with the latest. 

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