5 Outfit Tips to Look Chic at the Airport

Travel season is nearly upon us as spring break approaches. Although the days of flying in your six inch heels are gone — the art of airport attire is still stronger than ever. Comfort is key when it comes to cute airport outfit ideas and styled properly can make you feel ready to take on any flight.

Here are five outfit tips to look effortlessly chic at the airport. 

Layers on Layers

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From security to the cabin, the temperature of an airport changes constantly. Layers are the perfect way to combat the influx in temperature because they can easily be removed or added. Hats, hoodies, and jackets can also easily be stuffed into your carry-on.

If you easily get cold, add a layer of leggings underneath your sweatpants and pack a beanie or scarf into your carry on. If you easily overheat, wear a T-shirt under your hoodie.

Don’t forget to layer jewelry to create the illusion of a put-together look. 

Airport-to-Office Attire

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Nothing feels more powerful than walking through the airport in a well-tailored suit, however, it’s nearly impossible to stay comfortable on a long flight. Instead, tuck that blazer into your suitcase and opt for a professional cardigan and wide legged slacks. 

This allows you to keep that tailored, professional look while being able to snuggle up once you are inside the plane. By having professional hair, makeup, and accessories, when you walk off the plane you’ll feel ready for any conference.

The Power of Accessories

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While getting ready for the airport, don’t downplay the importance of accessories.

Whether it’s a ballcap, the new Adidas Sambas or a statement necklace — accessories can easily transform the basic sweatpants look into a chic airport outfit in seconds.

Additionally, don’t forget the sandwich rule — match the color of your hat to your pants, and match your shoes to a top or a belt. Through the accessories, have fun and play around with color. 

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Swapping for Skirts

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Do you need to be in crisp, professional attire as soon as you land? Chances are you don’t want to wear those uncomfortable slacks for your entire flight. Instead, swap out those old pants for a long skirt. This fashionable choice is much more comfortable and freeing.

Long skirts also can adapt to temperature changes within the airport easily. If you get too cold, wear a pair of fleece-lined leggings underneath and no one will ever know. Skirts allow comfort while still staying on trend.

Comfort is Key

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Sometimes, no matter how fashionable we are, we just want to be comfortable.

It’s hard to motivate yourself to dress up for a 4 a.m. flight where no one you know will see you. However, still, upgrade that comfortable airport outfit by adding textures and trendy elements.

Wear trendy sneakers that offer you arch support, but appear fashionable. Instead of wearing a plain hoodie, opt for something that hits you at the waist to optimize your body shape. Wear fun textures, like sherpa, to make your outfit more appealing. Pull your hair back into a sleek braid or cover your roots with a hat instead of a messy, greasy bun. 

At the end of the day, a simple oversized coat, a sick pair of shoes or fun ballcap can easily tighten any airport look while still maintaining that comfort.

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