303 Magazine Is Hosting A Comedy Competition for Local Comedians

Do you think you’ve got what it takes to perform at the 303 comedy show? 303 Magazine wants to see what you got with its first-ever Comedian Competition. That’s right, 303 Magazine is launching a digital contest open to all Colorado-based comedians for the chance to perform at our up-and-coming local comedy show on April 6 at The Arch.
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Tyler Benderr

The 303 Magazine team will be working with local social media comedian, Tyler Benderr, as the guest judge and host, along with three other local comedians. The judges will choose the top six comedians following the close of submissions. Once the top six are selected, 303 will open the contest to our readers on March 13, allowing you to vote on the top one. The winning comedian will then be featured at the big event in April. 

If you are interested in submitting your work, but this is the first time doing something like this, don’t worry. Benderr says the best way to get started is to write about what you know. “Most of my early skits I did were just making fun of my childhood.” She also suggests front-loading your five-minute submission video with your best material. “Don’t save the best for last,” says Benderr. She also goes on to say that local jokes are the best thing you can do in the opening. 

If you already have footage of you performing, just send that. No need to create something new. But if you are new to the scene, just do a self-take video. Keep it simple, focus on your craft and don’t be afraid to be creative. Benderr suggests putting a lot of time and effort into the writing. Meet up with a writing buddy to help refine the material. 

“I would also suggest practicing in front of the mirror or even with your friends and family,” says Benderr.  But most importantly, she says she is “looking for someone who can work a room and get the crowd excited, especially in this venue we have,” says Benderr. 

In conjunction with the 303 Magazine, the event will be hosted by local comedian and past Denver Fashion Week host, Tyler Benderr, who moved to Denver last year and has since made a name for herself on social media and within the comedy scene. Her skits touch on different facets of pop culture, internet trends and her childhood.
Also, two of our favorite local comedians will be on the stage:

Hannah Jones

Hannah Jones

Sammy Anzer

Sammy Anzer

We will announce the winners on March 25. And make sure to follow 303magazine on Instagram, that’s where we will announce the winners and event updates.

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