Shredding Snow in Style

For passionate skiers, the right Ski style can make all the difference on the slopes. Whether you lean towards warmth or prioritize your style — there are numerous ways to dress yourself for the mountains, with an abundance of color options and exciting accessories.

Take a glimpse into the current ski trends directly from the mountains. These real-life outfit inspirations may encourage you to explore new possibilities for skiing attire. Consider a different beanie style, try out vibrant jackets or glove colors, and add unique accessories such as scarves, neon goggles and more to enhance your overall ski fashion.

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At Copper Mountain, there was an array of ski and snowboard outfits on the slopes. Undoubtedly, this snow fashion provides quite a unique canvas for personal expression. While everyday clothing is enjoyable, there’s a particular thrill in wearing and showcasing outfits intentionally crafted to stand out on the mountain — ensuring visibility and safety among fellow mountain-goers. 

In a sense, the attire of skiers and snowboarders serves as vibrant strokes, painting the white canvas of the mountain. Here, we showcase some notable examples of this unique artistic expression.

Match the Snow by Wearing White

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Looking at these visuals, we see a recurring theme — a white jacket (or a mostly white jacket) paired with more patterned pants. This choice is smart as a plain jacket allows for more creativity and stylistic elements with pants and accessories. In this instance, we see the incorporation of blue in one image and then the addition of playful pink accents in the other.

Be Bright and Wear Blue

Here, there is a clear fascination with the diverse shades of blue — ranging from deep indigo to the lighter robin egg. Given the brightness and versatility of this color in its unique forms, it’s a reliable choice for making a bold statement on the mountain. As for other accessories, consider utilizing colors like white or shades of pink to enhance your overall look.

When In Doubt — Neon

Concluding the exploration, we encounter the vibrant world of neon — a clear and widely embraced selection for snow attire. It’s a reliable choice, ensuring you stand out prominently among fellow mountain enthusiasts.

Neon holds its appeal because not only is it sold everywhere, but it will never go out of Ski style. From lively pinks and oranges to bold reds and blues, the variety of neon options adds a dynamic and vintage flair to your winter wardrobe.

All photos by Olivia Myles

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