Denver Fashion Week’s Star-Studded Host Lineup

Denver Fashion Week

Denver Fashion Week, the highly anticipated annual event that spotlights talented designers, beautiful models, and runway fashion at its finest is here. While all eyes are glued to the runway, it’s the hosts who truly set the tone as they guide and entertain audiences through each night of this nationally-recognized event.

This year, Denver Fashion Week promises eight days of glamour and inspiration, each dedicated to a specific theme ranging from Ready to Wear and Southwest Hairstyling Awards, to Streetwear & Sneakers, Sustainable, Society, Couture, and Kids Show. Each show will be hosted by Denver’s most influential tastemakers, bringing their unique perspectives center stage as they serve as this year’s Denver Fashion Week hosts. 

Meet the Denver Fashion Week hosts and learn how the world of fashion intertwines with their careers and industries as they are in the spotlight of Denver Fashion Week, in the Denver community, and beyond. Hear from them firsthand below.

Erica Lopez – Ready to Wear (Saturday, November 11)

Photo provided by Erica Lopez

Transitioning from the newsroom to the runway is seamless for Erica Lopez. Lopez is an Emmy-nominated entertainment and traffic anchor at Denver’s 9News. She covers everything entertainment with her E Block segments where she has interviewed a wide variety of celebrities including SNL’s Bowen Yang, Ben Affleck, Lily Rabe, Tag Team, the creators of the Netflix hit The Social Dilemma, The Bachelor’s Ben Higgins, LaKeith Stanfield and more. She especially loves highlighting entertainers in Denver’s own community. Lopez says that fashion is a major part of the job and that with being on air you always want to look your best. 

Lopez will be on the runway for the opening night of Denver Fashion Week where attendees can view St. John’s timeless and classic looks that have adorned the likes of A-listers ranging from Angelina Jolie, Gigi Hadid, Lupita Nyong’o, Kate Winslet, Sarah Jessica Parker and Zendaya. When it comes to her own personal fashion style, Lopez says, “I would describe my personal fashion style as a mix of trendy and classic. Personal style is a way you can express yourself. I love playing with current fashions, leather, pants suits, and bright colors while still keeping my look professional on air.”

Ready-to-wear fashion plays an integral part in Lopez’s wardrobe.

I’m constantly shopping online, ordering clothes for work to keep up my on-air and weekend wardrobe. My favorite ready-to-wear staples are jeans, work dresses, and blazers. I love to mix and match different pieces.” Lopez says she never buys anything unless she loves it, “I would rather wear the same thing I know I feel good in, than something I’m not sure about. Especially when it comes to work, wearing something that fits perfectly and looks good on air is a huge self-esteem boost.” 

Erica Lopez Hosts Denver Fashion Week
Photo provided by Erica Lopez

Lopez is no stranger to hosting Denver Fashion Week, as she has hosted in the past. I always have the absolute best time attending and hosting Denver Fashion Week. I look forward to seeing all the fashions each spring and fall. I am really looking forward to seeing the fabulous St. John collections and watching the Colorado Ballet perform,” Lopez said. Over the last three years that I have been attending and a part of Denver Fashion Week, each season has grown so much. They are always trying to make it bigger and better and I really see that reflected in the lineup this week. From incorporating local performers at each show, to having such a fashion icon like St. John is huge and I feel so honored to be a part of the show,” she added. 

Lopez notes that Denver Fashion Week opens people’s eyes, who may have never been to a fashion show. “Clothes themselves are works of art and a form of self-expression,” Lopez said. She enjoys the various local vendors and artists set up at each venue. “I think having talent perform like Jon Rubio, who is a first generation Mexican-American embraces different culture. I think Fashion Week brings people from all walks of life together, who have one common interest and that’s a beautiful thing,” She said.

Favorite Denver Boutique: “I really like Garbarini in Cherry Creek!”

Trend Excitement: “The 90s are back in fashion, and being a 90s kid it is so much fun to see. I like how fashion cycles through and certain things make their way back around. It’s fun seeing the old styles on the younger generation right now and there are some pieces I can even mix and match at my age.” 

Trend She Wishes Would Go Away: “I never want to go back to low-rise pants! High rise all day for me… that’s one thing I cannot get behind. Also, I will always love my skinny jeans.”

Go-To Fashion Tips: “My go-to fashion advice, is always dress for yourself. Wear what makes you feel confident and fabulous, don’t worry about what anyone else is wearing.”

Staying Up to Date on Fashion Trends: “I try to stay in the know of all things entertainment and fashion. Mostly through reading articles online, social media, certain designers I keep tabs on, and shopping in general. Of course, news is a huge part of my job. I’m always trying to stay up to date with what’s going on in our world as well.”

Amber Wilkerson – Streetwear & Sneakers (Tuesday, November 14) 

Denver Fashion Week Hosts
Photo provided by Amber Wilkerson

Amber Wilkerson, the vibrant on-air personality at Alice 105.9, is more than just a radio sensation. In addition to dominating the airwaves, she’s the force behind Bronze + Bonded, her own business offering spray tan services and personalized permanent jewelry.

Amber’s portfolio extends to tanning celebrities like Kacie Musgraves and Miss Colorado — her familiar face has even graced ABC’s The Bachelor. However, it’s in the world of fashion that Amber truly finds her voice — a means of communication, a tool for brand identity, and a powerful connection with her audience.

Denver Fashion Week Hosts
Photo provided by Amber Wilkerson

While most of her days are spent behind a microphone, Wilkerson acknowledges the limited visual element in her radio presence. Nevertheless, she attests that fashion plays a pivotal role when she graces numerous events across the city. It becomes a canvas for expressing her personality, creating a unique brand image whether on social media, on stage, during interviews, or at a public gathering

“Fashion can impact my on-air presence and how my listeners relate to me, it also serves as a bridge between my personal brand and the brands I collaborate with,” Wilkerson said. 

Wilkerson describes her style as feminine but not overly girly, sophisticated with a hint of retro at times. As she’s gotten older, she says she has more desire to create a timeless capsule wardrobe with quality, timeless pieces. She also is inspired by the fashion she sees during her travels, especially the styles of Europe.

As the host of Streetwear and Sneakers at Denver Fashion Week, Wilkinson incorporates this style of design into her own wardrobe by blending key elements of the style with her own personal taste. She chooses comfortable and oversized pieces like hoodies, and sneakers, mixing and matching items with her other wardrobe staples. 

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“Streetwear fashion, to me, is a dynamic and expressive style. It’s a fusion of comfort, authenticity, and individuality, with casual, oversized, and sporty clothes. Streetwear is not just a style; it’s a cultural movement that allows people to make a statement and connect with like-minded communities,”  Wilkerson said. 

For Wilkerson, her fashion choices are a reflection of who she is and who she aspires to be. “I can express my creativity, celebrate my identity, and feel empowered to accomplish anything I set my mind to. Fashion isn’t just about clothing; it’s about self-discovery, self-confidence, and the freedom to be unapologetically myself,” She said.

Wilkerson agrees that Denver Fashion Week has played a significant role in shaping our city’s fashion identity. “It helps promote Denver as a fashion-forward city, fostering creativity and diversity within the industry. It has also brought national attention to Denver’s fashion scene and helps establish a sense of community and identity among those involved in the local fashion industry,” Wilkerson said.


“DFW has a massive positive impact on the community,” Wilkinson said. “Not only does it shed light on our fashion community, local designers, talent, and boutiques, it gives an economic boost. It inspires and connects like-minded individuals and brings people out for a fun week of fashion,”  

Favorite Fashion Icon: Princess Diana

Favorite Outfit in Amber’s Closet: “I love my navy blue slip dress. It’s so classic and I can style it in so many ways. I find myself constantly reaching for it.”

Trend She Wishes Would Go Away: “Bucket hats. They’ve been trending for so long but I haven’t been able to get on board with them.”

Go-To Fashion Tips:It’s always better to be overdressed than underdressed and always wear what you feel good in, confidence is always key.”

Staying up to date on fashion trends: “I stay up on trends and news through social media platforms, Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest and online fashion magazines.” 

Kylie Bearse – Sustainable on National Recycling Day (Wednesday, November 15) 
Denver Fashion Week Hosts
Photo Credit: Dave Puente

Kylie Bearse has Pinpoint Weather down to a fine science as FOX 31’s weekday morning meteorologist, and she has fashion down as well. And while she’s used to updating Coloradans on the forecast, she will be forecasting the fashions walking down the runway on Sustainable Night at Denver Fashion Week. 

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Beyond her weather reporting duties, Kylie’s love for the outdoors is palpable. An avid hiker, she not only updates Coloradans on the forecast but also encourages them to explore Colorado, regardless of their skill level. Channeling her passion, she launched The Approachable Outdoors, a platform where she shares beloved hikes, serving as a beginner-friendly guide to outdoor adventures. This passion for the outdoors seamlessly aligns with her interest in sustainable fashion, exploring what the outdoor industry is doing in terms of sustainable fabrics and production.

Denver Fashion Week Hosts
Photo Credit: Dave Puente

“As an environmental scientist, I think it’s a really important shift we’re seeing in the fashion industry,” Bearse said. “For me, sustainable fashion comes down to impact — whether it’s about the fabric, using recycled materials, making sure the environmental impact is considered when it comes to production.”

Incorporating sustainable fashion into her wardrobe has become a conscious choice for Bearse,

“It’s becoming more of a conversation when it comes to where I want to spend my money. I love seeing companies starting to prioritize their impact on the environment,” She said. “I also believe it’s on us as consumers, fashion trends are always fun but I tend to keep more classic pieces that can be worn year after year. The more work we do to research companies prioritizing sustainability and then supporting them, the more we’ll see other companies follow suit.”

Denver Fashion Week Hosts
Photo Credit: Dave Puente

Bearse will be styled this year by Rachel Hazelwood from Hyacinth Designs. “Her pieces are gorgeous, plus she’s all about sustainability and I can’t wait to get to wear some of her incredible work,” Bearse said.

One of Bearse’s favorite aspects of hosting Denver Fashion Week is witnessing the transformation behind the scenes. “The work starts hours before the runway lights come on and the beautiful chaos comes together in truly the most impressive way. I love seeing how it all comes together and the look on the designers’ faces when their hard work finally gets to be appreciated in such a public way,” drawing from past experiences.

Reflecting on Denver fashion and the event’s impact on the community, Bearse notes, “Denver is hilariously known for our casual attire and dare I say, lack of fashion? (I have to admit, I’ve gone to the bars after hiking in my hiking boots and I wasn’t the only one… ) So I feel like Denver Fashion Week is a safe haven for those who love taking fashion risks. It’s a week of appreciation for self-expression and I love it.”

As a host, Bearse is not just forecasting the weather; she’s predicting a night of style, sustainability, and self-expression at Denver Fashion Week.

Favorite Fashion Local Boutique or Designer:Hailee Grace in Larimer Square is my go-to for most of my off-air wardrobe. They always have new and unique pieces coming in. I’m warning you right now – do not follow their Instagram page. I swear I’ll have no intention of shopping that day until I see all the new arrivals in their stories.”  

Trend Excitement: “I’ve truly been enjoying the 90s trends. It’s both cringy and nostalgic at times and I’m totally here for it.“

Trend She Wishes Would Go Away: “This is an unpopular opinion but I’m not a fan of the very wide-legged jeans. The flare I’m on board with, but as a shorter, curvy girl the bigger pants aren’t my favorite.”

Go-to fashion tips or pieces of advice: “I am certainly not a person to give out any fashion advice, but one of the most impactful interviews I’ve read was on Padma Lakshmi and how she keeps multiple sizes in her wardrobe and wears what feels best that day – without focusing on the size. We all have different seasons in life or throughout the year and letting go of the “number” and just wearing what feels good is a lesson I’ve tried to really hold onto.”

Staying Up to Date on Fashion Trends: “TikTok. You girls keep me young!”

Tyler Bender – Society (Thursday, November 16) 
Denver Fashion Week Hosts
Photo Credit: Katie Puc Photography

In the vast world of fashion trends circulating on TikTok, Tyler Bender has carved her own niche in the realm of social media. Bender is a Denver-based content creator and media personality known for her humorous “Almond Mom” skits. When it comes to fashion, this TikTok sensation says most days she wears pajamas, however, when she gets an opportunity to dress up she is a big fan of vintage kitsch fashion. 

Despite the allure of non-stop trendy outfits, Bender admits that, like many of us, she often opts for the comfort of pajamas in her day-to-day routine. “I work from home, and if I’m only filming the top half of my body, I’m definitely wearing sweats on the bottom,” reveals Bender. With an impressive following of 391.4K on TikTok, her sketch comedy content has become a source of entertainment, and her background in marketing seamlessly complements her success in the social media sphere.

Photo Credit: Katie Puc Photography

Taking the stage as the host of Denver Fashion Week’s Society night, Bender notes, “I am SO excited to host. I honestly can’t believe I was asked to get involved. I wore a Roblox hat and neon basketball shorts to the spring show. I had the time of my life!”

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Bender’s platform allows her to be an actress in her own space, approaching relatable topics in a way that makes us laugh and spark conversations. Comparing the runway to a theatrical performance, she notes, “With projections, music, and movement, each designer’s collection feels more like an experience than a showcase. DFW gives artists many opportunities to share their gifts.”

Denver Fashion Week Hosts
Photo Credit: Katie Puc Photography

For Bender, fashion does play a big part in her day-to-day life. “When I’m going out, I know that If I like my outfit, I’ll have way more fun,” She said. “There are few feelings worse than worrying about if you are underdressed or if your pants are too tight. Getting a wardrobe you love makes such a difference.” 

As a relative newcomer to Denver, Bender acknowledges the impact of Denver Fashion Week on the city’s fashion identity. “I had no idea what to expect at the last show,” Bender said. “I was shocked to see that the show was sold out, with celebrity appearances, and fabulous designers. It’s such a good (and rare) opportunity for models, artists and designers to showcase their hard work and build their skill set. I really admire all those involved.”

With Bender’s first hosting gig on the horizon, she’s looking forward to Denver Fashion Week showcasing sustainability this year. “This couldn’t be more needed in the fashion industry right now,” She adds. Bender is not only a TikTok sensation, she’s ready to make her mark on the stage this week.

A trend Tyler is excited about: “I love the bow trend! I’m putting them in my hair, on sweaters, and even on my puppy.”

A trend Tyler wishes would go away: “I can’t stand wide-brim hats. However, I think it’s hilarious when I see them in public.”

Go-to fashion tips or pieces of advice: “For some reason, good jewelry makes you look so put together and I don’t know why. Also belts!”

Staying Up to Date on Fashion Trends: “I follow a lot of fashion creators on TikTok and spend a lot of time browsing Pinterest.”

Erica Cobb – Couture (Saturday, November 18)
Erica Cobb Hosts Denver Fashion Week
Photo Credit: Lone Wolf Photograph

Erica Cobb is queen of the airwaves and has dominated the space for years. She was 12 years old when she knew she was going to be a radio girl and her career path led her straight to the radio station, and you’ll find her in the television studio. After moving to Denver 14 years ago, Cobb found a home with the national daytime talk show, Daily Blast Live. Daily Blast Live is the only daytime talk show that airs live in all time zones. Cobb finds ease being in front of an audience daily and she’s sure to delight those attending this year’s Couture show as she serves as host of the evening. 

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When speaking with Cobb about the role fashion plays in her industry she immediately quoted Gladys Knight, “Dressing up is how you show respect for your audience.” Cobb puts a lot of pride into her appearance because she has a lot of pride and respect for her audience. 

Cobb turns to Rent the Runway for most of her looks, as well as working with renowned fashion stylists, and she believes that when it comes to fashion one can be savvy about their fashion choices. They can still rock trends and timeless looks as a personal statement no matter the budget. Cobb pays homage to her grandmother when it comes to her fashion sense. She described her grandmother as a sharply dressed woman and noted, “It was a privilege for them and we take that for granted. It goes beyond an aesthetic thing, and it goes deeper than we give credit to,” She said.

Photo Credit: Steven James Brown

Cobb enjoys a variety of styles when it comes to the way she dresses, she loves to be comfortable and also dresses in vintage, and retro looks. She enjoys elevated athleisure with an urban twist, throwing in a chunky chain, red lip, and earrings for a throwback 90s vibe. Cobb also enjoys dressing in vintage and retro looks — she has a deep appreciation for consignment shops and the ease of finding key, original star pieces online. With vintage, she has an appreciation for the story behind the garments and often wonders who owned the item before her. She describes her style as current, with a little bit of nostalgia.

So what does Cobb’s closet look like?

She notes she has a closet full of things she wears on a daily basis and a work closet. Her work closet is chock full of structured pieces and pieces that make her feel comfortable. “I have a tendency to become a totally different person based on what I’m wearing. Anytime I’m dressing up for an event or work, I want to shine that particular part of my personality,” She said. “As an interviewer some people feel they should be a little bit more behind the scenes and I feel that’s changed so much, there’s so much happening and so much glitz and glam. It’s important to match that.”

Photo Credit: Zsa’nee Gaines

The glitz and glam will soon be descending upon Denver and Cobb has noticed a shift in the Denver fashion scene. “I’ve noticed how much Denver has changed in terms of the fashion industry. We have so many talented designers, influencers, and creatives who create a vibe in this city,” Cobb said. “I’m looking forward to seeing people shine, looking forward to having conversations with people to follow on social media and making those connections strong. Everyone has the opportunity to be a part of something.”

When it comes to Denver’s fashion identity, Cobb believes that anytime there’s a collaboration or collaborative event, that amplifies everything. A quote she turns to frequently, “People at the bottom compete, and people at the top collaborate.” Denver Fashion Week brings many people together in the spirit of fashion, and it’s that element that Cobb appreciates. 

“I think the demographic of Denver is what makes Denver Fashion Week unique,” Cobb said. “People are choosing to move here to create opportunities while making the city more eclectic and adding more spice. I hope that Denver Fashion Week impacts the community by the understanding that Denver may not be a major market, but Denver has a strong impact on the country.”

Favorite Fashion Icon: “Right now it’s Gabrielle Union because she has that same vibe where she’s a chameleon where she has so many different looks and she brings them all to life in different ways and she’s really leaned into that fashion side of herself and that’s been a lot of fun to watch.”

Favorite Outfit in Erica’s Closet: “During the fall/winter, I have this Gucci cape. It’s not because it’s Gucci, it’s because it’s a classic piece. Gucci released a time capsule collection and the pieces were very retro and new. I wear it as a jacket or a shawl, and it’s the most diverse piece that I own.”

A trend Erica wishes would go away: “There’s a trend I’ve been very confused by – have you noticed everyone has gone pants-less lately? The women doing it can totally rock it, but I guess those pants are out. I’m still going to wear them though.” Cobb most recently attended Bravocon, where this trend was running rampant.

Go-to fashion tips or pieces of advice: “I am a firm believer in accessories and statement pieces, any outfit you might have you can revitalize with the proper accessories. One of my favorite pieces is a large beaded necklace from India Hicks. When you wear accessories in general it pulls together the look, chunky statements, and belts (I am a belt queen).”

Staying Up to Date on Fashion Trends: “Social media. I believe you should follow people who inspire you, and seeing different things provides a lot of inspiration.”

Nikki Strickler – Kids (Sunday, November 19) 

Denver Fashion Week Runway Producer

When discussing Denver Fashion Week, producer and model coordinator Nikki Strickler will tell you that it’s in her blood. As a teenager, Strickler was a model herself. She strutted the runway many times throughout Denver Fashion Week’s history and was nominated by 303 Magazine as Denver’s Best Female Model. Strickler went on to model full-time in LA after signing with State Models. She then moved back to Colorado in 2020 to become the Agency Director of a local agency and started working with the production of Denver Fashion Week as the Model Coordinator. 

She is the support system for Denver Fashion Week’s models and even hosts a Model Workshop this November 13 to prepare models to walk in the 2024 Denver Fashion Week Spring Show. Strickler has the art of the runway strut down to a fine science.

READ: Models Prep for Denver Fashion Weeks Model Workshop

I’ve had so many great memories working at DFW in the past few years,” Strickler said. “I love watching models’ confidence grow and how each segment gets so excited for each other when they come off the runway and they’ve all pulled off the show together. I’m excited to host the Kid’s show and get attendees excited for a fun display of youth fashion.”

Strickler is certainly submerged in the world of fashion and she looks at her own personal style as a blank canvas every single day. “It’s so cool to me that clothes, styling, hair, and makeup have so much power over how you present yourself and who you want to be that day. I would describe my everyday style as feminine, eclectic, and hints of edgy pieces,” she adds. 

Photo from Nikki Strickler’s Instagram @nikkistricklerr

With Strickler’s experiences in modeling and with Denver Fashion Week over the years, she notes, “The inclusivity is a staple of Denver Fashion Week. Over the last several years, there has been a huge demand for more representation in the media. For this reason, DFW does not cast based on height, size, religion, disabilities, etc. While other shows/brands are catching on, you still will not attend many fashion shows and see that much diversity.”

Guests of this year’s Kids Fashion Show can expect a fun-filled event showcasing the latest trends in children’s fashion. The show will feature designs from Dragonwing Girl, Dream Dance Design, Factory Fashion, Dragonwing x Katie Andelman, and a special runway dance performance from Cherry Creek Dance.

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Favorite Fashion Icon: Yasmin Wijnaldum is one of the fiercest runway models I have ever seen!

Favorite Outfit in Nikki’s Closet:I really love fun jackets! It’s a super easy way to take a basic outfit and elevate it a bit more. One of my favorite pieces in my closet is a racing-style patchwork Jack Daniels jacket that was my dad’s.”

A Trend Nikki is Excited About: “I’ve really been loving that denim maxi skirts have become super trendy.” 

A Trend Nikki Wishes Would Go Away: “I’ve never loved camo patterns on otherwise trendy pieces.”

Go-To Fashion Tips or Pieces of Advice:If you put something on your body and you love it, you’re pulling it off! Fashion is not about getting approval from an outside perspective, it’s about feeling good in what you’re wearing.”

Staying Up to Date on Fashion Trends: “The Vogue Runway app is my best friend. I love staying up to date on recent shows and scrolling through the whole collection.”

These Denver Fashion Week hosts are sure to shine as they walk guests through the fashion of Denver, they certainly already shine in our community. Be sure to come see them in person and get your tickets for this year’s Denver Fashion Week.

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