Review — The Strokes, Weyes Blood and Superfan Conjure Indie Magic at Red Rocks

On Monday, the iconic Red Rocks Amphitheatre transformed into a sonic haven as three exceptional acts —Superfan, Weyes Blood, and The Strokes — graced the stage, delivering a once-in-a-lifetime musical experience. The atmosphere resonated with a soothing buzz, the crowd’s excitement palpable, and the music sublime.

Superfan, also known as Kali Flanagan, kicked the night off. The young artist captivated the crowd from his first note. His genre-blending sound — which merges elements of alternative rock, dream-pop and synth-infused melodies — created an atmosphere that both intrigued the audience and prompted rounds of applause

Superfan, David Cohn Photography

Superfan’s Red Rocks debut pulsed with a sense of wide-eyed, earnest excitement. The set acted as a spirited journey through the artist’s growing repertoire. Flanagan’s exceptional ability to craft catchy hooks and weave introspective lyrics — along with the artful play with tonal pitches — radiated an undeniable indie charm that seamlessly set the evening’s tone.

After Superfan’s vibrant performance, Weyes Blood took the stage, guiding the audience into a realm of serene beauty. The enchanting vocals blended seamlessly with lush instrumentals, creating a dreamlike ambiance that evoked introspection and nostalgia. Tracks like “Andromeda” and “Everyday” resonated deeply, drawing the crowd into Weyes Blood’s realm of wistful wonder.

Weyes Blood, David Cohn Photography
Weyes Blood

The interplay of visuals and vocals echoing through the heart of Red Rocks, illuminated by soft stage lights, added an enchanting element to the performance. The band invited the crowd to look inward and find the magic within themselves, to dig it out from within them and share it with the world, blissful introspection made a communal experience.

As the evening rolled on, the anticipation for the headliners, The Strokes, eventually reached its zenith. The crowd’s excitement was tangible as the band finally graced the stage, their energy carrying a sense of humble confidence. The Strokes delivered a performance that showcased their musical prowess without veering into showiness.

The Strokes, David Cohn Photography
The Strokes’ lead singer, Julian Casablancas

With their signature blend of garage rock and indie allure, The Strokes navigated through their hits with an understated intensity that spoke volumes. Familiar anthems like “Someday,” and “Reptilia” inspired massive choruses from the amphitheater, uniting the audience in a seamless musical tapestry. Julian Casablancas’ unmistakable vocals and the band’s tightly woven instrumentation testified to their years of musical expertise. Casablancas fostered a magnetic connection, briefly speaking in-between songs before seamlessly carrying on.

The Strokes, Weyes Blood, David Cohn Photography
Weyes Blood joining The Strokes on stage

Weyes Blood joined The Strokes for “Modern Girls & Old Fashion Men” and their reappearance added a delightful layer to the set, complementing the vivid and elaborate stage production. The visual tapestry for The Strokes was adorned with an array of lights and projections, integrating a dramatic flair into their performance— an ideal backdrop for a band that has indelibly shaped the indie rock landscape into their own image.

As the night drew to a close and attendees slowly left the amphitheater, hearts filled with melodies, an undeniable sense of collective satisfaction permeated the air. Superfan, Weyes Blood, and The Strokes each left an enduring mark on the Red Rocks stage, each set ultimately intertwining into a harmonious mosaic. Superfan’s entrancing prelude, Weyes Blood’s ethereal interlude, and The Strokes’ unassuming grand finale wove together beautifully, creating a live performance that will long linger in memory—a testament to the magic that’s created when live music is shared between kindred spirits.

All photography by David Cohn.

  1. This is more of a fluff piece than an honest review. It was a pretty good show but they had many audio feedback issues, Julian seemed drunk and had awkward attempts at jokes (9/11 too soon?) and they didn’t play Last Nite.

  2. The Strokes didn’t perform Last Nite at Red Rocks on Monday. I was there, and check the set list

  3. I was there. You couldn’t have said it better.. oh it was sooo good!!! Man, what a show! Your words took me back. This was an amazing experience in such a magical place!

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