Pearl by Lela Rose Is Bringing A Taste of the Big Apple to Denver

From the breezy West Coast to posh New England, designer Lela Rose’s ready-to-wear line, Pearl by Lela Rose, has struck a chord with women all over the world. The ultra-feminine brand is operated by a female-led team in New York City’s Garment District and has extended its far-reaching influence to Denver through private shopping experiences led by local stylists, Cathy Caldwell and Nancy Woodhull.

Before Rose’s ready-to-wear designs made it to Denver, she debuted her signature Lela Rose collection in 1998. Her background in fine arts, sharp attention to detail and appreciation of couture fabrics led her toward great success. Since her debut, her designs have been worn by celebrities, such as Anne Hathaway, Michelle Obama and Selena Gomez. She also has a bridal brand, Lela Rose Bridal, as well as a ready-to-wear, direct-to-consumer brand, Pearl by Lela Rose.

Denver’s Pearl Stylists

Denver locals, Caldwell and Woodhull, have been admirers of Rose since she released her first collection. 

“What drew me to the brand is Lela’s use of color, rich fabrications, sculptural silhouettes and handcrafted details,” Caldwell said. “Her artistic background is evident in her work.”

It was around this time that Caldwell and Woodhull became friends at the University of Colorado, Boulder. Their friendship blossomed over their shared love for Rose’s designs, which evolved into a partnership once they became the Denver stylists for Pearl by Lela Rose in 2018.

Something that sets Pearl by Lela Rose apart is the personable, down-to-earth women who represent the brand. Pearl By Lela Rose is supported by a network of around 100 independent stylists across the nation.

“Our stylists build relationships and forge new connections through hosting parties, meet-ups and gatherings, often in partnership with local businesses or philanthropies,” Susannah Tighe, Marketing Brand Manager at Pearl by Lela Rose, said.

Caldwell and Woodhull host private shopping experiences in a luxury environment, with Rose’s signature cocktail available and branded decor adorning the space. The two women welcome customers to browse and try on samples of the latest collections, placing orders once they find the perfect piece.

“I love meeting new people that come to shop and reconnect with friends. Seeing customers happy and confident in their selections is the best,” Caldwell said.

These week-long trunk shows occur in Denver twice a year, and feature the spring and fall collections. They also sell winter and summer collections, primarily online but still offer their assistance and styling services to clients virtually. 

In between collections, Caldwell and Woodhull are working on community outreach through word-of-mouth, social media and marketing emails. Interested Denver locals can book appointments to shop on their website or by contacting the stylists directly. 

Designed in NYC, Delivered to Denver

Pearl by Lela Rose releases four distinct collections each year, which can be worn for every occasion and will stand the test of time. Rose’s timeless designs are high-quality and created to last customers a lifetime.

“When pieces are capable of surviving even the most raucous outdoor fête and will stay in style season after season, it means a greater return on investment for both our clients and for the environment at large,” Tighe said.

Pearl by Lela Rose’s previous collection, Spring 2023, was inspired by the sunset palettes, architectural elements and desert wildflowers found at Guanajuato, Mexico and in the Sonoran Desert. In February, Caldwell and Woodhull hosted private shopping appointments for the collection at the Colorado Center in Denver.

“Each item is designed to mix and match for a complete wardrobe,” Woodhull said. “The clothing each season is created to work with previous seasons as well, so a beautiful wardrobe can be developed.”

These exclusive showings also give shoppers a taste of what trends are developing for the upcoming season.

“We look forward to seeing the fashion trends with each sample collection we preview and receive from New York,” Caldwell said. “We typically sell 2 months before each season starts so we know the trends before they hit the stores.”

Pearl by Lela Rose has also maintained a focus on becoming a more sustainable business. The brand manufactures just steps away from its NYC office to reduce freight and support local factories that prioritize the health and well-being of their workforce. Careful attention is paid to limiting the number of products created to eliminate excess inventory. Fabric scraps are donated to nonprofits so that all of their materials are used rather than thrown out.

As for the future of Pearl by Lela Rose in Denver, the next show will take place at a residence in Cherry Hill from June 23 through June 30. For the exact location, contact the Denver Pearl team. This show will reveal the designs for the new Fall 2023 collection. Caldwell and Woodhull are also currently looking to expand their trunk show pop-ups to Colorado Springs, Boulder and other locations in Colorado.


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