One of Denver’s newest independent artists in the music industry today is Brandon Theis, better known as The Orchestrator. He is Brazilian-born, Denver-based, and a wildly multifaceted artist funkin’ up dance floors across the country. His new hybrid genre of music described as “TrapHouseFunk”, combines bass-heavy, boom-bap beats with fiery live saxophone, illuminating hip-hop vocals, and a magical energy that gets even a somnolent person grooving. His latest venture, like many other musicians, has been immersing themselves in Web3, NFTS.

In January of 2022, Theis launched a series of 150 utility-based music NFTs that give holders access to certain benefits like concert tickets, merchandise, and in his case, royalties from events and music. “I think it’s smart for musicians to have more people invested in their music project or small business in general,” says Theis. By October of 2022, even with the public hype of NFTs fading, he sold out of all 150 NFTs. “It is remarkable to have sold out in less than a year and to have my fans truly committed to my success,” says Theis.

While he launched his project with a more community emphasis, Theis notes that Denver is “a big hub for crypto and Web3.” Not only “cannabis and music” he adds, “but technology is playing a bigger role in all types of businesses that will continue to influence the music industry as a whole.”

NFTs have been the lottery of corporate America, and the music industry has been especially lucky. Music NFTs typically contain links to images, audio, or both. They can be sold as one-of-one editions, where you can be the sole owner of a particular NFT, or in editions of any size, which are usually limited with the hope that they’ll sell out. Even if you paid over $100,000 for an NFT of Kings of Leon’s latest album, anyone can listen to it on Apple Music right at this moment.

Photo credit by @bryanoutwest

Catch The Orchestrator performance at Denver Fashion Week Day Four- LIFESTYLE Ft. Meow Wolf’s first ever-runway segment at The Sports Castle, A Non Plus Ultra Venue located on 1000 Broadway. Tickets available HERE

And at Denver Fashion Week after-parties on Saturday, November 12 & 19, 10:30 p.m. at The Broadway, A Non Plus Ultra Venue located at 950 Broadway

Theis will be headlining Meow Wolf Denver on February 10th, 2023 if you’d like a chance to see him perform in person or to get involved with The Orchestrator’s NFT project check out the “Musician.NFT” collection on Opensea.