Just Announced – Shrek Rave Is Headed to Denver for Two Swampy Nights

It was in 2001 when the world became a believer in the green ogre Shrek. 21 years and four movies later the world still seems to be enchanted by the empathetic monster. It seems fans of the beloved beast have accidentally fallen in love with “Shrek Rave” — the party sweeping the nation. What was once a meme is now becoming a phenomenon. The creator of the Shrek Rave, Ka5sh, has announced a ridiculous US tour with two stops in Denver on November 17 and 18. 

Due to the popular demand for the Shrek Rave, a second date has been added on November 17 after the November 18 show at Cervantes sold out. The neon green party with the slogan “It’s dumb, just come have fun!” is a refreshing reprise of Denver’s growing rave culture. No need to worry about wearing the coolest and hottest outfit. Here, the neon green slime color, Shrek costumes and anything outrageous or hilarious are more than welcome. After all, music is all about having a good time anyway. 

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Photo courtesy of Shrek Rave on Twitter

In an Instagram post describing the tour, Ka5sh stated, “SHREK RAVE THE TOUR: SWAMPS ACROSS AMERICA!!!!!!!!!!!! WE ARE COMING EVERYWHERE AND I MEAN EVERYWHERE EACH SHREK RAVE WILL BE SPECIAL ILL MAKE SURE OF IT!!!” With the hype and description, it appears each show is set to be a unique treat for Shrek and rave fans alike. While not the most conventional approach to tours, it goes to show the power of the internet and community-based entertainment. Furthermore, no lineups have been announced for the Denver shows but it doesn’t matter as this unique experience is bound to be better than the memes. 

The Shrek Rave is a massive 33-date tour with stops in major cities such as New York City, Los Angeles and Chicago with two stops slotted in Denver. Visit this link for tickets.

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