Cheeba Chews Transforms Cannabis Into a Culinary Product With MELTS

Last spring, iconic Colorado edible brand Cheeba Chews introduced a new line of infused products. Titled MELTS, the latest line combines high-quality cannabis with fruit puree for an all-natural premium chew. The current roster of flavors includes Strawberry, Apricot and Toasted Coconut. All three are infused entirely with live rosin — a terpene-rich concentrate free of chemical solvents.

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Cheeba Chews was one of the original brands to take off in the world of Colorado edibles. Founded in 2009 by current chef James Howler, Cheeba Chews has undergone multiple transformations, adding new lines throughout its growth. In 2011 it debuted a medical-only caramel, followed by recreational products including a varied line of gummies under the name Green Hornet. Fruit taffy joined in 2016, with all current products being built with both efficacy and flavor in mind. A rosin-based strain-specific line of taffy was added in December 2021.

Cheeba Chews has been producing out of its current location since August 2016. The facility is responsible for all of the Colorado production and was built with a commercial kitchen in mind. With a fleet of custom-built machinery and a small but dedicated team, Cheeba Chews has and continues to be an important innovator in the edible market. The team is planning to release a new low-dose, fast-acting product as soon as Q3 of 2023.

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Each of the three MELTS flavors does an excellent job of using cannabis as a culinary product as much as a psychoactive. “You’re going to taste the cannabis here, and that’s what we want,” said Ryan Kilpatrick, who has acted as the general manager of Colorado Operations since 2019. “We want the flavor of that cannabis to blend with the candy.” Being an all-natural product, the bites — which come in 10 10-mg THC pieces per carton — last for roughly two weeks after opening. Billed as a pate de fruit, the MELTS could easily blend in on a charcuterie board and spread nicely on crackers and toast.

While everything Cheeba Chews has put on the market has certainly made a splash, MELTS may very well be its best product to date.

Cheeba Chews can be ordered here.

All photography by Adrienne Thomas.

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