Factory Fashion Hosts Immersive Parties, Bringing ’70s Disco to Denver

Skye Barker Maa, owner of Factory Five Five and Factory Fashion located in the Stanley Marketplace, knows how to throw a party. In transforming a space that is typically home to sewing machines, she brought disco balls, a stellar dance floor and even a giant white stallion to Denver to raise money for Latin Fashion Week Colorado.

“We are theater people and fashion people and music people, so whenever we throw a party we know we’re going to include all three of those elements,” she said.

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In true disco fashion, the party set up on Saturday, May 21 was all the glittery debauchery of the ’70s, and Barker Maa didn’t leave anything out. With inflatable sharks, a swing, disco ball cups, jello shots and drag entertainers, this party was an entire production.

“We put so much thought and energy into every detail of what we’re doing,” Barker Maa added.

In collaboration with Gold Tooth Collective, guests walked into a disco dressed to the nines. Wearing sparkly jumpsuits, platform heels, roller skates, bright colors and anything that screamed 1970s disco, the attendees did not disappoint. Alongside DJs L.A. Zwicky and Pleasurewave, professional dancers led choreographed disco dances and guests danced the night away.

Factory Fashion’s relationship with Latin Fashion Week Colorado is new, but continuing to grow. Barker Maa aims to support the organization and all that they do for the local fashion community. As Factory Fashion is training the next generation of designers, Latin Fashion Week is doing the same.

“Whatever way that we can provide resources and support that process and reach new communities and help them rekindle their communities and provide more opportunities, we’re going to do,” she said. “I love the robustness of their programs and then I also love what they’re doing on the runway during fashion week.”

Latin Fashion Week Colorado is set to take place September 25-26 at the Denver County Courthouse. The disco party proceeds were directed towards making this runway show happen.

“Our community focus is very symbiotic and that just opens doors to possibilities beyond supporting [Latin Fashion Week Colorado] just financially or with materials and supplies and resources,” Barker Maa said.

Barker Maa is planning several events hosted by Factory Fashion set to take place this fall. These events promise to include fashion, music, theater and dance with well-developed themes similar to the disco party and other immersive parties hosted by the fashion school.

Factory Fashion is located in the Stanley Marketplace at 2501 Dallas Street, Suite 200, Aurora on the 3rd Floor. Visit the Factory Fashion event page for more information about future events. 

All photography by Tony Gallagher Photography

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