Meet the Photographers of 303 Magazine

Meet the faces behind the cameras who capture Denver’s vibrant fashion, food, lifestyle and music scenes. The photographers of 303 Magazine got together at Realm Denver to showcase their portrait skills and photograph each other. Makeup is by Leah Llanes/Glam x Glow Beauty and clothing is provided by Lost Room Collective.

Roxanna Carrasco

Photo by Adrienne Thomas

The Lowdown: Roxanna is a 25-year-old fashion photographer and has been shooting for 303 Magazine since June of 2021. As a visual artist, she draws inspiration from vintage films, photo books and music. You can always find her with a Polaroid camera or fashion magazine in hand. Explore her portfolio here.

Roxanna’s Top 303 Photos

Jackson Davis

Photo by Roxanna Carrasco

The Lowdown: Jackson is a prismatic creative curator, born and raised in Denver, CO. He received a Bachelor of Arts in Broadcast Journalism from MSU Denver and a Masters of Science in Environmental Policy from the University of Denver. He likes to bend the rules and add a sense of naturalism into every creative pursuit he gets involved in. He is a very colorful, unconventional, spiritual person who passionately provokes each person he encounters to embrace their inner western traveler archetype. Explore his portfolio here.

Jackson’s Top 303 Photos

Shelby Moeller

Photo by Adrienne Thomas

The Lowdown: Shelby is a brand and lifestyle photographer, visual artist, and straight up homie from NW Ohio. From summers on Lake Huron to living in France, her work is eclectic like her experiences. Television production. Stage set-up. Digital photography and video. These areas make up her background. However, her biggest love interests are the elements, great lighting and great people. Explore her portfolio here.

Shelby’s Top 303 Photos

Kiddest Metaferia

Photo by Roxanna Carrasco

The Lowdown: Kiddest is a freelance photographer and has worked for 303 Magazine for several years. She specializes in concert, portrait and boudoir photography. She loves traveling, yoga, nature and looking at the world through a camera lens. Explore her portfolio here.

Kiddest’s Top 303 Photos

Brandon Johnson

Photo by Adrienne Thomas

The Lowdown: 27 and no kids: thriving. Explore his portfolio here.

Brandon’s Top 303 Photos

Adrienne Thomas

Photo by Shelby Moeller

The Lowdown: Adrienne is a food and portrait photographer and video artist living in Denver. She enjoys playing with music for the emotions it celebrates, and can be found trying various methods of joining music with her personal and professional life. Has many songs on deck to die to. Explore her portfolio here.

Adrienne’s Top 303 Photos

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Kori Hazel

The Lowdown: Kori began as a concert photographer in 2018, inspired to pick up a camera to get the visual essence as close to the verbal ones he’d write for the music desk. Finding a passion for portraits, events, music and food, Kori kept learning and teaching himself to really make an image speak, and sometimes even sing. Explore his portfolio here.

Kori’s Top 303 Photos


303 Magazine Concert Photographers: Kori Hazel, Alden Bonecutter, David Cohn, Charla Harvey, Giacomo Di Franco, Glenn Ross, Marc Tepsic, Bridget Burnett, Roxanna Carrasco, Adrienne Thomas, Brandon Johnson, Kiddest Metaferia, and Shelby Moeller.

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Location provided by Realm Denver.

Makeup by Leah Llanes/Glam x Glow Beauty.

Clothing provided by Lost Room Collective.

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