This New Dating App Will Find Your Next Gym Crush

Attention anyone who has answered the Hinge prompt “Typical Sunday” with any type of workout, 14er, or really any other physical activity other than being horribly hungover on the couch — this one is for you. TeamUp Fitness, a fitness community app aimed at connecting people with workout partners, is launching a new dating feature, and they are launching it right here in Denver. 

Based in Philadelphia, TeamUp CEO Tony Tombretta stumbled upon the idea for TeamUp nearly five years ago after his son expressed his struggles to find a workout partner. He wasn’t just looking for a trainer, he was looking for someone to bond with through workouts and keep him accountable. Yet when trying to find a solution to this problem, the pair learned this was no easy feat.

“I thought to myself, ‘this is a great opportunity to connect people that are like-minded and want to achieve their goals,’” said Tombretta. 

Thus, TeamUp was born. On a mission to create a one-stop-shop for fitness enthusiasts, the app launched in 2020 as a way to connect fitness professionals with clients, as well as match people with similar fitness goals.

“We believe if you have someone to work out with, you’ll sustain it for a longer period than you would if you were just doing it by yourself,” said Tombretta.

When creating a profile, the app allows you to distinguish yourself as either a fitness professional or a fitness enthusiast. As a fitness professional, the app serves as a unique way to obtain new clients and promote your services — both locally and worldwide. As a member, you are able to specify your personal fitness goals and preferred activities. The app then connects you with both users with similar goals and the professionals who can help you get there, offering a sense of guidance, accountability and community.

Courtesy of TeamUp

With nearly 5,000 active users across the world, TeamUp spent the last year connecting users to their “perfect fitness match.” Matches so good, in fact, they turned into much more than simply fitness companions.

“The app evolved to a point where we were getting a lot of positive feedback on the connections made on the app,” said Chief Marketing Officer Frank Peperno.

That’s right – TeamUp suddenly became an unlikely matchmaking service, its users finding love when they were least expecting it – in the middle of their workout sessions.

Set to debut at the end of this month, TeamUp will be joining the trend of niche dating apps, offering a new dating feature specifically to connect users to their future gym crush. Rather than simply swiping left or right, you narrow your selections by physical activity and fitness goals, connecting you to a selection of local users with similar interests. When Tombretta and Peperno were deciding where to launch this feature, debuting in America’s healthiest city was a natural choice.

“Denver is ranked as one of the fittest cities in America. It is also one of the best cities for dating opportunities. There are just so many indoor and outdoor activities, everything from skiing to hiking to running trails,” said Peperno.

While some Denverites disagree on the Mile High dating scene, TeamUp is hopeful that the app’s fitness angle will capitalize on the health-focused population that dominates the city. 

If you live in Denver and have spent even a minute on a dating app, you’ll agree that this was a wise choice. If I had a dollar for every profile that featured a cardboard 14er sign or a prompt question asking what ski pass I had, I’d be a very rich gal.

Courtesy of TeamUp

In the coming months, TeamUp will be collaborating with local businesses and gyms to introduce itself to the Denver scene. From hosting meet-ups at local breweries to collaborating with local fitness professionals, TeamUp hopes to establish itself as the go-to dating app for all Denver fitness nuts. 

So for those of you single Denver locals whose dating profile features gym selfies or hiking recommendations, or you’re looking for the “one” to run the Leadville 100 with, head to the app store and download TeamUp. 

TeamUp Fitness is available for free on the App Store and Google Play Store. Their dating feature will officially be launching at the end of this month. Follow them on Instagram for updates on upcoming local events. 

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