Zeppelin Station Is Adding Colombian Food and a Healthy Cafe Next Week

Zeppelin Station keeps on growing, adding more goods eats for the getting. Today, the RiNo-based development announced the addition of YA•YE (pronounced “yă-yay”) and La Rola Urban Colombian Food. YA•YE is for the health nuts. An organic, plant-based cafe, YA•YE’s mantra aligns with the belief that “food is medicine.” Committed to education as much as the food itself, YA•YE goes beyond just a menu and into the value and impact of the food on the body. From cold-pressed juices to savory bowls and soups, YA•YE is concerned with nourishment and making food that tastes as good as it feels.

“I’m ecstatic for YA•YE join the incredible food landscape at Zeppelin Station and add to its diversity, which is what makes this food hall so appealing. Zeppelin is extremely community-oriented, and all of the vendors here are extremely creative, positive and supportive. At YA•YE, we believe your health and wellness extends beyond what you eat, so we’re dedicated to helping our community embody a life that is good for the mind, body, and planet,” said Krissy Ostermiller, Founder and Owner of YA•YE.


La Rola Urban Colombian Food, also a newcomer to Zeppelin Station, will take its homemade food truck made Colombian cuisine to the big hall. Focusing on Colombian culture and spreading it to Colorado through the menu, music and their vibrant personalities, La Rola will indulge in exquisite dishes ranging from arepas and empanadas to Colombian style hot dogs.

“Our menu is aimed to provide a unique experience for all. We strive to deliver our diverse and authentic Colombian dishes and we welcome the opportunity to introduce you to the flavors of Colombia with some of our specialties, such as Empanadas (All Gluten-Free) and our unique Millionaire and Billionaire Hot Dogs” said Andrés Chaparro, one of the four owners of La Rola Urban Colombian Food.

Both concepts are now open. Zeppelin Station is located at 3501 Wazee St Suite #100, Denver. All photos courtesy of Zeppelin Station. 

Editor’s note: a previous version of this article said these concepts open on February 14. They are currently open. 

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