Just Announced – Southwest Airlines Taps Local Bands And Food Trucks for “Eats & Beats”

Southwest Airlines and Coca-Cola have announced a new venture in The Mile High City that will spotlight local musicians and eateries in a series they’ve aptly dubbed “Eats & Beats.”

Three local bands made the cut including Oxeye Daisy, LVDY and The Reminders. Each band reflects a different sound in the Denver scene, with Oxeye replicating the alternative rock heartbeat that exists in this city, LVDY honing in on the folk that got us breakout stars like The Lumineers and The Reminders representing a slice of Denver’s diverse hip-hop community.

The Reminders
Oxeye Daisy

The celebration also includes staple Denver food trucks including Miss B’s Vietnamese Food Truck, The Colorado Pig Rig Truck, and What Would Cheesus Do? Miss B’s Vietnamese specializes in homemade eats. Kim Bui, aka Miss B, grew up around in the Little Saigon community in Southern California. The Colorado Pig Rig specializes in all things pork (with a handful of other cuts) and BBQ, taking pride in the local sourcing of their meat and produce. Last but not least, What Would Cheesus Do? is your grilled cheese oasis, creating a modern and inventive take on the lunchtime favorite.

Denver locals will have the opportunity to vote for each band and food truck once a day. The winners (one band and one food truck) will receive $5,000 and be featured at the exclusive finale event on March 5. Once votes are cast and winners are drawn, people will have the opportunity to enter to win tickets for the event on Southwest’s website. 

Colorado Pig Rig
What Would Cheezus DO?
Miss B's Vietnamese Food Truck

The “Eats & Beats” party is not the first venture in the past year to bring corporate spotlights on local talent. RedBull Music supported local artist Detour’s incredibly successful 5 Pointers exhibit. Pop-ups like Visible’s “Phonetopia also included musical performances in intimate settings including a night with local favorite, GRiZ. It seems like Denver is becoming a hub for underground creatives, and with all the talent we have to offer — we hope this trend continues to grow.

Voting for East & Beats begins today and goes through January 25 via the Southwest.fm website
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