100 Artists Are Coming Together for a Rose Inspired Art Show at Lumenati this Weekend

In the past year, a warehouse near RiNo has hosted a variety of events to elevate the art and culture scene in Denver. In April 2018 the space served as a weekend-long art party called The Order and in November 2018 the warehouse showed off the best of Denver fashion at Denver Fashion Week. As the headquarters of a local content creation company, Lumenati, the 22,000-square-feet warehouse provides a perfect neutral backdrop for a variety of creative enterprises.

In-house artistic resident and tattoo artist James Dean Pruitt is often at the heart of the events and hosts an art night every Wednesday, which attracts local artists of all genres to go, hang out, be creative and connect in a no-judgment atmosphere. Those nights led to Pruitt and Lumenati connecting with artists they want to support and eventually transformed the warehouse into a huge gallery to showcase their work.

To start off the new year, the warehouse-turned-gallery asked over 100 local artists to create something inspired by a universally-treasured symbol — the rose. Not only is the rose consistently associated with love or romance, but it is entrenched in our history as a symbol of purity, secrecy, balance, spirituality and knowledge — to name a few. The Latin phrase sub rosa, used in situations when someone wants confidentiality, literally means “under the rose” and refers to reports of banquet halls or dining rooms with ceilings painted with roses in order to denote that anything said beneath them would be kept private. In tarot cards, the rose appears in four major arcana cards — The Fool, The Magician, Strength and Death — differing slightly in meaning on each one. Of course, roses are also renowned for their beauty and diversity — with over 150 species and hybrids — leading to entire sections of some botanic gardens dedicated to roses alone.

Photo courtesy of James Dean Pruitt on Facebook

The Rose Show will only be on display for two days, February 15 and 16. Reservations or RSVPs are required to attend, making the show more exclusive, intimate and (we’ll say it) — fancy. On February 15 the viewing hours are 7 to 11 p.m. and on February 16 the hours are 2 to 8 p.m.

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Pruitt will have some of his own work featured, in the form of murals painted within the warehouse with another artist, AJ Davis. Although the list of the rest of the participating artists is extensive, you can expect to see work from artists like DINKC, Patrick Kane McGregor, Abram Bebo, Markham Maes, John Van Horn, Moon Bean, Mike Graves, Grow Love (Robyn Frances), Moeh Haywood and more. 

Interested in attending? You must RSVP via email to art@lumenati.co in order to be granted admission. Lumenati is located at  3839 Jackson St., Denver.

  1. I tried rsvp for the dean Pruitt show, but the email says its invalid? how can I view?

    please advise, thanks!

    1. It seems it is the correct email but make sure you are typing .co and not .com for the email address.

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