Denver Zoo has confirmed that Charlotte, a 23-year-old Linne’s Two-toed sloth is pregnant. Charlotte is due to give birth in late February or early March of 2019. This pregnancy comes at a bit of a surprise, as last year on January 28, 2018, Charlotte and Elliot, Charlotte’s mate, welcomed their first baby sloth, Baby Ruth to their little family in their habitat at Denver Zoo’s Bird World.

Baby Ruth the Sloth. Photo Courtesy of Denver Zoo.

Pregnant Charlotte and the upcoming baby are being closely monitored by the zoo’s staff with ultrasounds, weigh-ins and check-ups to ensure that all are healthy and happy. When Charlotte does give birth, the baby will weigh approximately 10-13 ounces and be around 10 inches long. The baby will snuggle within Charlotte’s fur and nurse for the first four or five weeks of its life and continue to stay attached to Charlotte for the first nine months before becoming more independent.

Denver Zoo will continue to give updates on Charlotte and the sloth family as they wait for this exciting adventure to begin. You can visit Charlotte, Elliot and Baby Ruth in Bird World at the Denver Zoo.

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