Denver folk band, and married couple, Alright Alright released a two-song EP in April of this year, The Nowhere Farm Sessions. Comprised of Seth and China Kent, Alright Alright has been putting out music for over a decade — since 2005.  And now, the duo is releasing a music video from the EP for the track “This is Better.” Check it out below.

In an interview with 303 Magazine, Alright Alright said, “The song ‘This is Better’ is the most honest and autobiographical love song we’ve written to date.” The impassioned video spotlights a deep connection between the duo, even taking place in a setting that holds a lot of weight for the band. It was filmed in their house in Sunnyside after it had been gutted and was in the process of being rebuilt. “We’ve owned that house since before we were married, and in many ways, it formed us and taught us how to be adults,” the band said. “We thought the house was so eerie and beautiful in its bare bones state and took advantage of the stark visuals it provided. That Sunnyside house has already given us and supported us through so much, it seemed like a bit of storybook poetry and good old serendipity to be able to film our video there with such a talented and kind crew of artists and producers.”

The video has a subtle delightfulness derived from its simplicity. Its pleasantries are wrapped in an emotionally gritty yet beautiful guise, waiting to be revealed. In under six minutes, you get a true sense of who Alright Alright really are. They’re a couple in love, musicians, a family and so much more. You can even find their son, Fender, and daughter, Harper in the video at one point.

The video for “This is Better” was directed by Emily Grauberger. Alright Alright will play at The Walnut Room on June 30 with tickets available here