Aaron Sorkin, the famed screenwriter known for his work on movies and TV series like Moneyball, Few Good Men, The Newsroom and The West Wing, is headed to Denver this November according to the Denver Film Festival. Appearing at the 40th annual Denver Film Festival,  Sorkin will walk the red carpet at 6 p.m. for a screening of his directorial debut Molly’s Game co-presented by Wish of a Lifetime. The film is a true story about Molly Bloom, a Colorado skier turned high-stakes gambling ringleader starring Jessica Chastain opposite of Idris Elba. After the showing, Sorkin will participate in a discussion about the film with Bloom. And in an added bonus, her brother Jeremy Bloom, the Olympic skier turned NFL player and tech CEO, will lead the discussion. The red carpet event, film screening and Q&A are open to the public and will take place on Thursday, November 9.

“Aaron Sorkin has been one of the most memorable voices in entertainment over the last 25 years,” said Festival Director Britta Erickson. “Lines from A Few Good Men and The West Wing have become integral parts of our cinematic lexicon. After winning an Oscar for The Social Network, audiences are becoming more aware of his talents and are lining up to see his latest works, from his posthumous biopic on Steve Jobs, to the wildly popular Moneyball. We are honored to have Aaron at our 40th Denver Film Festival to share his directorial debut, Molly’s Game, with our audiences.”

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In addition to Sorkin and the Blooms, Bill Pullman, known for his roles in movies like Independence Day, will attend the screening and a 7 p.m. red carpet of Ballad of Lefty Brown at the Sie Film Center on November 8. After the film, there will be a  Q&A conversation with Pullman.

Kyra Sedgwick, from The Closer, is also attending Denver Film Festival for the screening of  Submission with a 7 p.m. red carpet with a Q&A after. She will also attend for her directorial debut Story of a Girl and 10 Days in the Valley presented by SeriesFest and will receive the John Cassavetes Award.

So far no one from I, Tonya, the biopic of Tonya Harding starring Margot Robbie, will come to Denver for DFF 40. Go here to read more about the upcoming red carpet premiers and tickets to the screening, both are open to the public. Check back here for any updates on red carpet announcements.

Editor’s note: an earlier version of this article appeared online and was republished to include updated information on appearances from Sedgwick and Sorkin.

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