Summer may almost be over, but that doesn’t mean that the good music will be fading with the nice weather. Denver musicians are still churning out rad music for you to check out, and we have a playlist of eight new local songs. There’s something to fit everyone’s taste from upbeat EDM and hard bumping trap to funk and even some experimental music.

8 Colorado Songs to Check Out in September by 303 Magazine

Danae Simone – “Hit You”

As all of the summer fun is winding down, enjoy Denver singer, Danae Simone’s slow and soulful song, “Hit You.” Simone mixes both the singer’s deep and sultry melodies and subtle rap flows in her latest song. If you’re missing your summer fling already then you’ll relate to this song about missing your late night hookups. Find the song here.

Said The Sky – “Pray for Me”

Photo courtesy of Said The Sky on Facebook

The song “Pray for Me” is a fresh take on EDM. Acoustic guitars start the song off with a soft and simple melody and then the song progresses into electronic basslines, synths and uplifting melodies. This energetic and pretty song will make you want to move and smile for the entirety of its 3:44 minutes. Find the song here.

STéLOUSE – “Bones”

Photo courtesy of StéLOUSE on Facebook

If you were into Owl City back in the day, this song will definitely give you some throwback vibes. Think Owl City meets EDM club beats. This song will make you want to hold onto what’s left of the summer season with its poppy beats and dance party lyrics. Find the song here.

Forest Porridge – “12 Hours”

Photo courtesy of Forest Porridge on Facebook

If your music taste is more on the eccentric side, this might up your alley. You could probably find this song in a relaxing yoga class or maybe even during a hot stone massage. But wherever you find yourself listening to this song there is no doubt your mind will be clear and at peace. “12 Hours” uses simple percussion and sparse jazz trumpets to create a spiritual experience in the form of a song. Find the song here.

aidUS – “2 Blunts”

Photo courtesy of aidUS’s on Facebook

Denver rapper, aidUS just released Follow Your Nightmares, and it is full of dark trap songs. “2 Blunts” has a grim beat, but the rapper’s harsh flow creates a catchy song that is perfect for a smoke session. Roll up with your best buds and bump this song to get the party going. Find the song here. 

Lytes Edison – “Fair Warning”

Photo courtesy of Lytes Edison on Facebook

“Modern day Edison mixed with a little Malcom” – these lyrics perfectly sum up Lytes Edison’s latest release, “Fair Warning.” The rapper combines technical beats with conscious bars. This song is all about confidence and success, so if you need an ego boost don’t hesitate to add this song to your playlist. Find the song here.

Metafonics – “Nuke the Moon”

Photo courtesy of Metafonics on Facebook

Metafonics are a fusion band that combines funk, synth pop and indie rock into fruition. “Nuke the Moon” definitely gives you spacey vibes with tons of synth pianos, distorted beats and unconventional guitar strumming. The different transitions throughout the song’s four minutes make it feel like there are three different songs in one. Find the song here.

Dava – “Start Over”

Photo courtesy of Dava Norman on Facebook

This song is for all the girls that get “left on read.” If you’re missing someone special in your life, this song will definitely be relatable. The autotuned vocals are catchy and convey what it’s like to constantly miss and want your ex back. Find the song here.

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