Although Louis C.K. technically just wrapped his summer tour with back-to-back headlining shows at Madison Square Garden on Sept. 15 and 16, the comedian announced that he’s going to keep his tour going through the start of the new year. This extension even goes past his initial hints that he would extend the tour until December in order to come to more cities. Denver seems to be one of those newly promised cities, as C.K. will perform on January 17-18, 2017 at the Bellco Theater. According to Rolling Stone this tour promises all-new material.

“It’s new jokes and I think I’m better at comedy right now than I’ve been for a while and I’m going to dedicate the year to just doing great live shows,” C.K. wrote in an email to fans.

Since Denver is one of C.K.’s very last stops (the final being right after Denver in Portland on January 20), the Mile High can expect the comedian to be more than well-rehearsed for his set after almost a year on the road. Tickets are already on sale  and currently come in around $50. C.K. explained his goal for the tour was to keep the cost low, saying in the same email that there are no ticket fees for any of his shows and that he and his agent “worked hard to accomplish this by negotiating in every city and finding venues that were willing to help us make the shows affordable.” He continued saying, “In some cases, the venues and I are splitting the ticket charges between us so you don’t have to pay it. In the end it’s worth it to me because I don’t want coming to see me to be a painful choice for anyone and either way I’m making plenty of money on the tour.”

For more information about his tour, check out his website here.