Whether you are ready or not, it is time to “root, root, root for the home” team as Colorado Rockies baseball kicks off with its home opener this Friday at Coors Field.


Photo courtesy of the Rockies website.

With 82 home games a season, it is no surprise that cheering on our boys in purple has become a favorite Colorado summer past time. Whether you like watching baseball or not, going to the ballpark has something for everyone. 303 has compiled the ultimate guide to inform newbies and natives alike on both new innovations and old traditions of the Colorado Rockies.

The Colorado Rockies
Division: National League West
Owners: Charles & Richard Monfort
Manager (coach): Walt Weiss
Stadium: Coors Field (2001 Blake Street)
Colors: Purple, white, black, silver

Where to buy tickets

It is very easy to buy affordable tickets to a game. As the summer goes on, you can find single game tickets for $15 or under—making a night at the ballpark the perfect Denver outing. Scalpers prey online and on the corners of Blake Street. Make sure to avoid them. Ticket scams are not uncommon for Rockies games.

Buy tickets at the box office, the Rockies website, and King Soopers.

Ok so you are going to a game, now what do you need to know?

What to bring?

Make sure to check the weather for the entirety of a game before going. A sunny first pitch can quickly turn into a seventh inning downpour here in the Mile High City.

For the cold games: a blanket, warm jacket, and gloves are a must
For the scorchers: a hat, an umbrella (yes the sun gets that bad), sunscreen, lots of water, money for cool Dip’n’Dots

Native’s tip: on a hot day try to buy tickets on the 3rd base side of the field. The sun will go down sooner—you will be in the shade while those on the other side of the field bake in the sun.

What to wear?  

With the Rockies season spanning through three weather seasons (spring, summer, and the beginning of fall), it can be difficult to determine what purple staples need to make their way into your wardrobe. Fellas can get away with t-shirt and ball cap, but how can we ladies doll up jerseys and shorts? Here are some different outfit ideas to match the outdoor conditions.

For when it’s cooler…

Top (

Top ($39), jeans ($78), Converse ($55)

For when it’s hot…


Top ($24), hat ($20),  Miss Me shorts ($78)


What to eat?

Coors Field makes it super easy to stay full and hydrated — allowing patrons to bring their own food into the games or buy it around every corner. Need to save some money? Grab your cooler, pack some sandwiches and bring those. If you plan on bringing any liquids, stick to those alcohol-free options and make sure they are still sealed when you enter the stadium. 

Want a more traditional game-day dining experience? Concession stands run by Aramark cover the bases (pun intended) for all of the classic favorites like hot “Rockie dogs”, nachos, pizza, and beer. Aramark offers a gluten-free stand behind section 147.

Photo from

Photo from the Colorado Rockies website.

Unique dining experiences like Helton Burger Shack (Section 153), CHUBurger (rooftop), Rio on the Rocks (Mezzanine level center field), and Blue Moon Brewing Company (corner of 22nd and Blake inside the stadium) can also be found. You can even build your own salad at Infield Greens (located just to the right of the main entrance of Gate D). 

Bonus: One exciting addition to the lineup this season is LoDo’s famous Biker Jim’s Gourmet Dogs who will be adding one of his popular carts of unique brats. 

Indulge: feeling especially phat-kid? Stop behind the first and second base area for a fried twinkie from the “Fair Territory” stop. It’s just as terribly good bad for you as it sounds, but totally worth it once a season.


Know the lingo

Whether you are new to the Mile High or just need a refresher, below is a list of basic terms important for any Rockies fan to know.  


Term Definition
Blake Street Bombers Refers to Rockies former slugger stars: Dante Bichette, Ellis Burks, Vinny Castilla, Andres Galarraga and Larry Walker who shattered records from ‘92-’98.
Cargo Nickname for Rockies outfielder #5, Carlos Gonzalez.
Chuck Nazty Nickname for Rockies beard-clad outfielder, Charles (Chuck) Blackmon.
7th inning stretch Not just specific to the Rockies, this term refers to the time that takes place between the top and bottom of the 7th inning. Fans stand to sing “Take Me Out To The Ball Game”.
Dinger The Colorado Rockies mascot.
Purple Monday Refers to the day of the week where fans around Rockies nation are encouraged to wear the signature purple. 
The Rooftop The area at Coors Field where fans go to socialize, eat and drink beer. It is also the best place to go during a rain delay, as it has covered shelter and CHUBurger.
Rocktober The month of October during the 2007 season where the Rockies pushed to win their last 22 of 23 games to earn a berth into the World Series.
The Rockpile The area behind center field where fans can sit. Tickets are cheap, so don’t expect your seat to have a back rest.
Rally hats As a game nears conclusion and the Rocks need a little encouragement to rally you will see fans wearing their hats inside out. These are referred to as rally hats.

Worried that your friend who does not like baseball will have a good time? Fret not. Most of the fun of going to a game (especially when the Rockies are in the middle of a losing slump) is the atmosphere of Coors Field. Watch a few innings from your seats and then head up to The Rooftop for a few cold ones while watching a Colorado sunset with all of your friends.  

What to do after?

Photo by Romeo Fernandez.

Photo by Romeo Fernandez.


Part of the fun of going to a Rockies game is being smack dab in the middle of downtown LoDo when it is over. The fun never stops after the final out. 303’s top picks for the best places (and why) to go after a game are below.

To eat — Blake Street Tavern (2301 Blake Street). Native’s love the: Blake Street nachos, giants pretzels with beer cheese and burgers. 
To watch a rooftop sunset — Jackson’s (1520 20th Street), claims to have the largest outdoor rooftop patio in Denver.  
To party — ViewHouse (2015 Market Street). If you want to be where all of the action is, and don’t mind waiting in a two block line to get in then ViewHouse is the place for you. While crazy post-game the ViewHouse is a great place to go pre-game to enjoy a beer and a game of bags in their outdoor lawn facing Coors Field.
Hidden gem — Fado’s Irish Pub (1735 19th Street) also having a spacious patio and beer garden, Fado’s does not draw the same huge crowds as the ViewHouse. Hear a large crash? It’s probably a game of giant jenga going down at Fado’s.   


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