There is so much going on all the time in the world of cannabis in Colorado that it is hard to keep up. New strains are popping up, new edibles and concentrates are being developed and there’s always some out-of-the-way dispensary you haven’t tried. Plus there are so many different options when it comes to medicating or recreating in a legal state – you can choose to eat your weed and use extracts, or just smoke some quality flower.

Colorado’s cannabis industry is growing in leaps and bounds every day, making it almost hard to keep up. It’s practically impossible to test and list all the exciting cannabis products in Colorado right now. Regardless, here are a few exciting new or under-the-radar cannabis products for sale in or from Colorado that are catching our eye and keeping us excited about the future of the cannabis industry.

1. Good Chemistry’s Mr. Good Chem


One of the dispensaries that has been making serious waves in Denver is Good Chemistry, a hip and visually pleasing little spot in Capitol Hill and Aurora. One of its tastiest strains is Mr. Good Chem, a hybrid they engineered especially for their customers.

This strain has just the right blend of indica and sativa to keep you active and energized enough to get work done, but also relaxed and comfortable enough to just chill out and watch TV. This is a great strain to hit while working from home or doing homework, or while watching a movie.

2. Wana Sour Gummies

Wana watermelon gummies, courtesy of Wana Brands

Wana watermelon gummies, courtesy of Wana Brands

These tasty treats are seriously amazing. The yummy pink watermelon gummy candies coated in sugary sour crystals taste great, even if they weren’t infused with weed. The gummies have 100 MG per package, so each gummy is around 10 MG. The high is pretty intense, so if you tend to get hit really hard by edibles like I do, you could even do half a gummy at a time.

If you are more hardcore with your edible consumption then eat one, wait a little while, and see if you want another. Either way you choose to imbibe, the taste is enjoyable and the high is steady and visceral.

3. Toasted Rooster Dark Chocolate


If your sweet tooth runs more to the chocolate persuasion, you may want to try Toasted Rooster’s Dark Chocolate Bar instead. This candy bar is super deluxe – it is seasoned with pepita and sea salt, and there are roasted pumpkin seeds in the dark chocolate. Each piece of the bar is 7MG, so it is easy to break this up and regulate how much you are taking.

This is perfect if you are a hardcore snacker and want multiple pieces, or if you just want a little at a time while studying or before bed. The bar is also organic, so you know you are getting quality food. Best of all, the bars are super tasty frozen, and can last a really long time if you are lighter on your edible consumption.

4. Mountain Medicinal’s Chocolope


One of the best things about living in a legal state are all the little undiscovered spots all over. Mountain Medicinals in Idaho Springs is one of the best spots to grab marijuana in the mountains. The shop is stocked full of delicious strains with cool names and cool artwork on the jars, and everything they grow is delicious.

One of the best strains is Chocolope, a cross between Chocolate Thai and Cannalope Haze. This tasty sativa will keep you awake enough to be productive without adding any anxiety or panic. Plus the cannabis is all organically grown and curated, so it is good for your health as well.

5. Rosin from Good Chemistry

Rosin from Good Chemistry

Rosin from Good Chemistry

It’s no secret that dabbing and other creative ways of smoking extracts are all the rage in Colorado, and that’s why Good Chemistry just created a new strain, Rosin, which is solvent-less hash oil that is separated out using only heat and pressure. That means no butane, propane or CO2. If you are into concentrates and extractions, give this a try. While it gives the same intense high as other hash oil, it is so clean that you can still concentrate and socialize after imbibing instead of getting couch-lock.

Disclaimer: Everyone is effected differently by cannabis products, especially stronger ones like edibles and concentrates. Always imbibe with caution and know your limits.

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