Sting plucks his standup bass. Iggy Pop crawls on all fours. Willie Nelson cradles his weathered axe. Bowie is bathed in blue light.

Denver’s Fillmore Auditorium has seen its share of musical warriors. Browse the framed photography that lines its east wall and you’ll get a sense of the famed venue’s immense history. Michael Franti and Spearhead, deadmau5, Bright Eyes, LCD Soundsystem, M.I.A., Kraftwerk, Erykah Badu, Beats Antique, Matisyahu, The Knife, The xx and The Pixies are artists I’ve personally witnessed over the years. I’ve even found myself bounding around onstage as a jumping stilt-enhanced clown for Flux Pavilion openers. On the morning of Saturday, March 7, the Fillmore hosts a new kind of warrior—Warrior 2. Yoga Live, a 90 minute all-levels flow presented by Kindness Yoga and sponsored by Yoga Download, marks the first ever yoga class at the legendary venue.

Saturday 3/7 @ The Fillmore (Image: Katy Steinfort)

Saturday 3/7 @ The Fillmore (Image: Katy Steinfort)

Jen Hicks has been tapped to lead the historic session. “I’m not exactly sure who my fairy godmother is, but I’m grateful for this amazing opportunity to lead Yoga Live,” says the Kindness instructor. “I’ll never forget seeing The xx at the Fillmore.” Hicks’ most memorable experience at the venue speaks volumes about her sophisticated musical taste.

“When it comes to playlists, I include a few familiar musical moments but I prefer to use piping fresh new music from lesser known artists,” explains Hicks. “This is an intentional choice, so a song doesn’t inadvertently trigger a specific memory for a student. I mirror the beat of the music to the heart rate intensity commanded in the sequence.” A recent playlist of Hicks included a string version of The Pixies’ “Here Comes Your Man” and a Cranberries’ cover, along with a slew of Shazam-worthy selections.

Hicks may have an ear for Namaste tunes, but somebody else is calling the shots this time. Mr. Gettdowne, a Boulder-based electro-soul DJ, has been enlisted to soundtrack the series.

“We’ll start with some deep, mystical, ambient melodies to create a meditative vibe,” tells Gettdowne. “Then, I’ll throw in a few higher energy tunes with a more funky and playful feel for the more physical sections of the class and bring it back down to serene and beautiful closing. We want to keep it true to the spirit of yoga and still make it a party.”

Yoga Live transpires Saturday, March 7 at The Fillmore Auditorium. For the down dog lowdown, visit Kindness.

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