Loudpvck, two dynamic Hip-Hop and EDM producers, are returning to Colorado for another night of musical fusion. Loudpvck is known for their wild trap anthems and hip-hop laden tracks. Loudpvck always gets the crowd extra rowdy, turning whatever venue is hosting them into a sweaty, crazy dance party. Loudpvck has refined their blending of sounds into something that is unique yet still recognizably trap. This fantastic duo will not disappoint anyone looking for a show filled with rumbling bass overlaid with rapid fire hip-hop lyrics. And what better venue is there to hold this throw down of mega trap than Beta Nightclub in Denver?

LOUDPVCK Photo from Loudpvck's Facebook

Photo from Loudpvck’s Facebook

Victor Niglio and Shank Aaron will be join Loudpvck this Friday, July 11th, to add a few more layers of variation to the show. Each artist will perform an individually crafted set, covering a multitude of points on the sonic spectrum. Victor Niglio is a musical prodigy, and grew up with music from a young age. He had composed orchestra music by the age of 17 and discovered The Bloody Beetroots by age of 18. Transitioning to DJing and producing was easy, and Niglio has been blowing up ever since. Shank Aaron is another producer who favors heavy bass and also happens to be a resident of Denver. Aaron will add yet another captivating twist on this hip-hop and trap oriented show.

Shank Aaron Photo from Shank Aaron's Facebook

Shank Aaron
Photo from Shank Aaron’s Facebook

Do not miss this mega bass-filled Trapfest with Loupvck, Victor Niglio and Shank Aaron at Beta Nightclub this Friday, July 11th. You can purchase your tickets today at www.betanightclub.com for $12. The show begins at 9 PM and is eighteen and older only. Bring your friends and come get wild and crazy with Loudpvck this Friday at Beta.