Pretty, Please: Hazardous Hair

Whether it’s a horrible haircut, crumby color or a sad style, your hairstylist can’t always be the one to blame. Put down the scissors, boxed color and teasing comb. Take note of these mane malfunctions to ensure your hair is always a hit.

Photo Courtesy of Pinterest
Photo Courtesy of Pinterest

As a hairstylist, I feel obligated to say there are some things that should be left to professionals. However, I’m not saying some aren’t capable. I’ve been impressed with many of my clients’ home hairstyling more than once.  However, here are some things to steer clear of:


So you’ve got brilliant blue, or glistening green eyes. Well, that doesn’t always mean a box of brunette will bring out your best. Bold brunettes are beautiful, but box colors can start off brunette and before you know it—bam! You’ve got black hair. Be careful retouching your roots. Don’t run the color from roots to ends every time. Over depositing color will definitely take you to the dark side.


Platinum is pretty, but be prudent. Brillo pad pop art should rest with Warhol—not on your head. Play it safe and pay for your platinum. Watch your stylist. Running lightener (bleach) over lightener is incredibly damaging.


Leave the hair accessories to the little ladies. Don’t get me wrong—hair embellishments aren’t out of the question just wear them wisely. We’re bound to have a bad hair day so headbands and hats aren’t out of the question and depending on the occasion, hair ornaments can be adorably original. Simply be aware of your outfit. If you feel like the hair broach is belligerent, it probably is. 

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Bouncy, voluminous hair is sexy. Therefore, round brush your hair, let it cool and spray. Depending on your hair type teasing can be helpful. However, a tiny tease and a small amount of spray will suffice. Be cautious about over using product on damp and dry hair.

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Too much product can actually be counterproductive and weigh the hair down rather than pump it up.


Scrunching can be stunning … sometimes. If you’ve got naturally curly hair, scrunching is fast, easy and beautiful. It’s crucial to leave out the crunch, though. Apply your product and squeeze out the excess with a clean towel.  This is especially important if you prefer air-drying to diffusing. Again, over using product can ultimately be unfavorable. Withdraw the wet look and deposit definition.


Photo Courtesy of Pinterest
Photo Courtesy of Pinterest

Like we just discussed, texture can be quite technical. With todays styling tools almost anything is possible when playing with texture. However, flat-ironed, straight bangs next to perfectly curly hair can be far from complementary. I’m not saying bangs are out of the question for textured hair. I’m simply saying to check with your stylist. There are plenty of ways to achieve attractive fringe that flatters your natural texture so your bangs don’t contrast with your body.


So, you thought you’d love that pixie cut, eh? Well, growing out short hair can be down right disappointing. Yes, extensions can be ideal when your goal is long locks, but sometimes it’s better to grin and bear it. Visible tracks may be worse than just wearing short hair. If you must have extensions, get them but in most cases, you get what you pay for. Cheap clips ins are great if you’ve already got Rapunzel length hair but they wont do the trick at teeny lengths.


Photo Courtesy of Pinterest
Photo Courtesy of Pinterest

Put down the scissors and walk in to your salon. Most of the time stylists offer free bang trims, especially if you’re a returning guest. Bold bangs aren’t as easy to maintain as a side swept bang. Oftentimes people trim their own bangs and end up with a bowl. Use caution. It’s easy to accidentally cut too far back on the sides, leaving business in the front, and party in the back.


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