Party Guru Productions 1Valentine’s Day! It’s an internationally recognized day for love, devotion and entirely too sweet gifts. Whether you’ll be with your sweetheart this evening or out on the town for fun and mayhem, our friends over at Party Guru Productions got you covered. The consortium is celebrating “Single’s Day” with a bash being held at Epernay Lounge tonight. The party will give you everything you need to get wild for the night, including “Naked Sushi,” served directly from a model’s body, as well as naked dessert. Where were you planning on being tonight again? Right.


Dancers will be provided by Element Dance with sounds by SpydaTek, Johnny Gear and Mr. Rickdickulous. Join the crew for what will no doubt, be a night to remember. Dance the evening away, have sushi and free shots from Elevate Vodka. Happy Valentine’s Day! Do it for the love.

And because Little Dragon sets any mood off right, listen to “Wildfire” below:


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