Sunday 11/24 @ Kindness

Sunday 11/24 @ Kindness Yoga

Heidi Michelle is excited. “It’s a brand new way to practice yoga with a partner. Something so incredibly magical can happen when we have another human being in front of us to mirror, connect with, be inspired by and encourage,” explains the Kindness Yoga teacher.

Michelle first set foot on a yoga mat about fifteen years ago. She has been leading both Vinyasa and Partner Yoga for half a decade now. Traditional partner yoga participants rely on each other’s support to maintain correct body alignment, balance and focus in a given posture. “When you feel physically supported, not only do you experience a yoga posture differently, but you also begin to allow yourself to trust someone else,” writes Partner Yoga guru Elysabeth Williamson.

Michelle’s new Mirrored Vinyasa is different. “With mats facing each other, we flow in unison, remaining aware of each other’s breath and movement. This added element of connection brings greater awareness to our own bodies. We can begin to sense and feel the energetic connection that is beyond the physical body, getting to the heart of yoga, which is unity.”

Michelle teaches Mirrored Vinyasa Partner Yoga at Kindness Yoga’s South Broadway location on Sunday, November 24. For further information, go to

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