Hammering out banger after banger from their latest EP — Skinny Jeans, Fat Bass — electronic/post-hardcore outfit, Caramel Carmela, drop a ferocious new music video for their most recent single, “Two McFlys With The Same Gun.” The song and video showcase the Denver-based band’s musical prowess with the merging of two entirely unique genres. In the matter of seconds, an EDM (Electronic Dance Music) inspired trance beat can transform into full fledged guitar-driven warfare — somewhat like ATB meets Slipknot.

Lead vocalist, Jack Roberts, kicks off the video with a slew of savage howls, all full of much malice and vitriol, “This is treason/ I gave you my heart.” Roberts forces the audience to feel his bitter, hostile feelings towards a former love, before a slowly building collaboration of electro synth and autotune-ridden vocal patches, crescendos, kicking the song back into high-octane madness.

Make sure you check out the video for “Two McFlys With One Gun” below; you can also grab a copy of their EP, Skinny Jeans, Fat Bass, on iTunes right now.

Written by Samuel Lang of 303 Magazine.
Photos and video courtesy of Caramel Carmela.